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  • Patient Stories: Charles’s Hair Transplant - 5 Months Later

Patient Stories: Charles’s Hair Transplant - 5 Months Later

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Charles is a 33 year-old from Northern Ireland. He started losing hair when he was 21. He reached out to Qunomedical in August 2016. While the treatment was planned just for a couple of weeks later, his travel was a bit of a bumpy ride at one point. Mind you, nothing our Patient Managers couldn’t solve. When the flight from Ireland was delayed, Charles lost his connection to Istanbul. Shaz, one of our Patient Managers, rearranged flights and procedure and Charles was able to get his treatment done the following day.

“That’s what we do for every patient. Be there any time they need us” says Shaz. “Charles was stuck at Frankfurt airport at 11 PM, his treatment was the next day at 9 AM. I called Medicana International to inform them that the patient would not be there the next day. Then I called the airline to change flights. I also reached out to Charles and told him he would need to rest properly before the operation.The procedure was eventually rearranged for a day later. When your patients are back home and send you pictures to show how happy they are, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.”

We asked Charles to answer a few questions five months after his hair transplant surgery in Turkey, at Medicana International. Here’s what he told us.

Did You Try Any Other Treatment Before Choosing Hair Transplantation Surgery?

No, I had never used any other treatment before choosing hair transplant surgery. I didn't think lotions and potions would help my hair loss problem.

What Would You Recommend to Those Who Are Still Unsure of Having Hair Transplant Surgery?

Well, to be honest, I was sceptical even after the transplant. But once the shock loss phase passed and the hair started to grow and get thicker and thicker, I realised that I had nothing to worry about. My advice for those who are unsure is plain and simple: don't hesitate! Do it and watch your image change over the next couple of months.

What Made You Trust Qunomedical?

I had no idea what I was looking for or what to do, so I showed interest in being treated and Qunomedical contacted me. I was afraid I was going to get pressured into making a decision or booking a treatment but that wasn’t the case. I was contacted by one of the Patient Managers, Shaz, and I was asked to send a few pictures of my head. A few days later, I was called back with a few different quotes. I had some questions and all of them were answered. I was not pressured at all. Qunomedical and Medicana International were professional right from the start.

Image1_Patient Stories: Charles’s Hair Transplant - 5 Months Later

This is how Charles looked before surgery and right after the treatment:

How Do You Feel Five Months After Surgery?

I feel like a completely different person. I can't believe how I’ve changed over these few months. When I look back at my pictures before the procedure I can't believe how different I look now. My family and friends all compliment me on my look and hair. The whole procedure has boosted my self-confidence massively.

This is how Charles's head looked 1 month after surgery:

Image2_Patient Stories: Charles’s Hair Transplant - 5 Months Later

And this is how Charles’s head looks now, 5 months after treatment!

Image3_Patient Stories: Charles’s Hair Transplant - 5 Months Later
Image4_Patient Stories: Charles’s Hair Transplant - 5 Months Later

How Would You Describe Your Overall Experience With Qunomedical and Medicana?

Everybody was friendly and professional. The facility was clean and impressive. I was comfortable throughout my stay. I would definitely go back.

Thank you, Charles, for sharing your story with us!

I’m Interested! What’s Next?

If you want more information about hair transplant surgery, contact us for your free assessment. Last but not least, other Qunomedical patients are sharing their story with us! Read all about Eamon’s journey!


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