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What Is a Cinderella Face Lift?

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Many people turn to plastic surgery to tackle signs of ageing, with procedures available for just about every part of the body. One of these is the face lift procedure, which offers a way to tackle the wrinkles and sagging skin of facial ageing with surgery. However, as often happens with tried and tested procedures, a new method has risen out of this traditional method of lifting the face, known as the ‘Cinderella face lift’ trend. Though able to produce similar results, the Cinderella lift is far less invasive, using a combination of different cosmetic treatments to create a lifted look.

It should be noted that the term ‘Cinderella face lift’ is more commonly associated with marketing or promotional language to denote this procedure as the combination of the treatments it consists of, making it more of a trending phrase rather than medical distinction. As such, the specific techniques and results associated with a Cinderella face lift may vary according to each clinic that offers it.

It is also important to bear in mind that patients going for trend-based surgeries like the Cinderella face lift may be more prone to jumping into the decision too quickly, influenced by online personas or celebrity photos rather than reflecting on their own individual looks and needs. Always consult a qualified and experienced surgeon before committing to any cosmetic surgery, considering your personal requirements and exploring all options – a guarantee when you use Qunomedical.

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What Is a Cinderella Face Lift?

A Cinderella lift is actually more of a follow-on from an existing evolution in face lifting, namely, the ‘thread lift’. This involves pulling a finely barbed thread under the skin of the jawline, which not only lifts the face but also triggers the body to produce collagen – a naturally occurring reaction that has a rejuvenating effect. The threads then dissolve, triggering the reaction once more.

What classifies a procedure as Cinderella surgery however, is the addition of botox and dermal fillers, which are injected into the skin’s surface. These are applied to the jawline as well as around the rest of the face, such as the cheeks and brow, to spread the smoothing and tightening effect of the thread lift.

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How Is a Cinderella Face Lift Done Differently to a Traditional Face Lift?

Able to also create a rounded face lifting effect, the Cinderella facial procedure has an advantage over the traditional face lift by being far less invasive and having greatly less surgical techniques to it. A further benefit of this is that the whole combination of treatments can be finished in just one hour, whereas its counterpart procedure can take up to four. As such, patients of the Cinderella lift also enjoy far shorter recovery times: no more than one week compared to up to three.

But how is a Cinderella face lift done in such a short time? Bear in mind that a traditional face lift is sometimes performed under general anaesthesia and involves making incisions that can run from the temples to the back of the ear lobes, though the length of this cut depends on the extent of the lift. Then, the skin is pulled back, any excess is removed, and sutures are applied to close the incision gaps and hold the face in a symmetrically tighter position. Though certainly effective, the Cinderella face lift is simply a modern alternative that averts the need to trim away the surplus skin that is created by surgically pulling the face back.

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