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Located in Mosonmagyaróvár, HD Dental offers a wide array of dental services. Certified both by ISO 9001 and the TEMOS International Healthcare Certification, this state-of-the-art dental facility boasts a team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists. Specializing in dental restoration, the clinic also offers other dental procedures, such as dental implants, fillings, periodontal treatment, cosmetic dentistry and oral hygiene. The facility uses the latest technologies and techniques to ensure every treatment is performed to the highest medical standard. HD Dental has a vast experience in dealing with international patients and offers airport pick-up, interpreting services, and visa assistance. Dr. Kannmann graduated from Semmelweis University in Germany and established his first dental clinic in Augsburg (Germany) in 1985. Dr. Kannmann and his team work tirelessly to let every patient reach their desired result.

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Dr.  Frank Kannmann

Dr. Frank Kannmann, MD

Specialization: Dr. med Dr. med dent MSc Aesthetic Dentistry (American Dental Ass.), MSc Implantology (ADA)


  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from No. 1 dentist school in the country, Semmelweis University in 1980
  • MD and PhD at Medical University of Rostock

Languages: German, English and Hungarian

Memberships & Awards

  • Founded his first Dental Clinic in Augsburg in 1985
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie
  • Hungarian Dental Chamber
  • American Dental Association
Dr. Christian Menko

Dr. Christian Menko, MD

Specialization: Dental Surgery

Education: Graduated with a degree in dentistry from Semmelweis University

Languages: English, German and Hungarian

Verified patient reviews (16)

Overall Satisfaction
March 2018
"everything went very fast and with amazing professionism organized!"

everything went very fast and with amazing professionism organized ! Will happy recommend .

Ms. Chang organized everything perfect ! To include flights would be maybe a point , but in any case I was surprised by professionalism and not at last amability . :) Thank you !

February 2018
"All good!"

All good!

United Kingdom
June 2016
"Dr. Kannmann is perfect for anxiety patients like myself"

Dr. Kannmann is a great doctor with caring a great deal about patients. He is there for you and put on the spot - Five stars! He is very diligent


when treating you and gives you explanations in all details. He is never in a rush, remains calm and is very sensitive. This doctor lives patient care first and is very understanding of his patients. He is also up to the newest methods and up to date. His beautfiul clinic meets best hygiene standards. Thank you very much for everything, Dr. Kannmann.

June 2016
"Dr. Kannmann is one of the best dental specialists in Budapest and Mosonmagyarovar!"

He and his team were very friendly from the beginning and the final result is perfect. The cost are low and much cheaper


than in my home country Italy. Many friends have recommended Dr. Kannmann and after my great experience I will definitely recommend as well to my friends and family. It simply is amazing value for money and most importantly in combination with his great and kind character.

May 2016
"I can report an outstanding superior dental treatment once again with HD Dental"

Dr. Kannmann's work is of extreme high quality. He and his team are super welcoming, friendly. He takes great care of patients and understands their needs and concerns. He is a compassionate doctor and a very friendly character. I came back to HD Dental after my first trip to Hungary in April 2016 and it was again a real pleasure to be


treated there. The implants were done with minimum invasion by a high-standard laser technique. I experienced only minimal bleeding and almost no pain. I have now visited Dr. Kannmann for the past eight years and there has never been a moment where I did not feel being taking care of. I never regretted to make all the way from Canada with all the great distance for 8 to 10 times. He is an outstanding dentist. All those things combined, plus the enormous savings for similar procedures done in Canada have made me eagerly awaiting my visits to the dentist. I would have never thought this would happen:) That I actually enjoy going to the dentist to get my teeth fixed perfectly. Ms. L Hildebrand Winnipeg, Canada

United Kingdom
May 2016
"HD Dental and Dr. Franke made my stay an absolute joy!"

The doctor took all the time in the world to explain to me the necessary treatment and answered all my questions with great care. In my first appointment they started to sorting out a gap in my teeth. The whole treatment went very smoothly, Dr. Franke explained the treatment by showing me my X-Rays of my mouth and talked to me about the options. We came to the conclusion that a replacement of my previous, bad crowns was necessary. We replaced also a missing tooth on a continuous bridge.


Dr. Franke sorted out also the cost from the beginning so I always knew what to expect. We immediately started the treatment which I loved. No long waiting times or anything. We got right to it. I was in a 2h surgery with the doc and returned 3 days later to remove the temporary bridge. In the meantime the lab was busy to produce my permanent bridge which already then was put in place, to my outmost joy. The fitting was perfect. The whole procedure only took us 20 minutes including a complimentary cleansing of my whole mouth. I would like to judge my whole experience as outstanding. I would recommend HD Dental and Dr. Franke to any- and everyone. I can say with certainty that he is the best dentist I have ever been to. And that means something at the age of 65. I am absolutely happy with the outcome as I was not expecting them to look half as good as they do. I have not stopped smiling ever since:) Thank you for everything Dr. Franke!

May 2016
"Most stress free dental treatment of my life!"

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Kannmann back in Canada. And now - after my treatment - I fully see why. He is certainly the best doctor I had as a dentist. My friend is with him now for


eight years and I will stick with him for sure as well. His staff member picked me up in Budapest and drove me to the beautiful and picturesque city of Mosonmagyarovar. I met the Dr. and felt at ease immediately. And I consider myself not an easy going case. I could almost not believe my appointment went so stress-free and painless. His whole staff was excellent. I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the whole experience.

United States
May 2016
"The dentists in America I have visited have always complimented Dr. Kannmann's excellent work"

Frank Kannmann's ability to explain the procedure is extremely reassuring. He speaks many languages and perfect English. Also, Frank has a keen professional


eye and the skills to make your teeth look natural. Needless to say my US Dentists are not happy about the price I paid. HD Dental is a no brainer. Say hello to Frank for me when you get there!! He is a super friendly person.

March 2016
"I am really grateful for his superior work."

I found HD Dental by chance a few years ago online. I had already been to some dentists but nobody could help me in Vienna. I was literally a special case and all the doctors in Vienna referred me to the


hospital for jaw surgery because I had a big hole in my left side by inflammation under my jaw. The jawbone was too thin and the bone structure could only be done by removing a piece of bone from my hip. Dr. Kannmann built the jawbone for half a year piece by piece by small injections with an algae preparation. Dr. Kannmann concluded with a total reorganization of the entire dentition. I am really grateful for his superior work. Wasso T., Holland

United Kingdom
December 2015
"I have absolute trust and confidence in Dr. Kannmann"

The Doc and his team speak excellent English and explained every procedure inside out.

His team is a team of experts and I have no problem to recommend them to anyone. They did excellent work and made me save a lot of money.

United Kingdom
November 2015
"HD Dental's team is super patient friendly and experts. "

I could not be more happier with the outcome of my dental treatment. Dr. Kannmann and his team treated


me both for upper and lower jaw and the solution they offered and found satifsfied me greatly. They managed to resolve my problems on both jaws completely. The team is very professional and the cost are also very patient friendly!

United States
October 2015
" My treatment was better than at home"

I would recommend Dr. Kannmann's team to everyone in need of a dental treatment. I am really impressed with their approach and sophisticated dental surgery.

My team members at my job made a lot of compliments about my new smile. I am super happy.

United Kingdom
May 2015
"They did a wonderful job at my teeth"

Hi there, I want to thank Dr. Kannmann and his team for all they have done for me. His clinic is first class - the waiting


time was zero, they have an excellent educated staff and even a car to use. I could park directly in front of the clinic and no stress whatsoever. Dr. Kannmann manages everything superbly well his team, his patients and an expert laboratorium which works fast and diligent. I will certainly come again!

United Kingdom
"I can only recommend this stellar team under the guidance of Dr. Kannmann"

The treatment was thoroughly explained the decision was made by us together. I was informed about every single step and was led well through the treatment. Their hospitality was second to none. I


was flying into Hungary by plane and they even provided me with a complimentary car for free during my whole stay! So I was absolutely mobile to explore this beautiful region. The clinic itself has a top notch quality and the team of Dr. Kannmann does excellent work and do work also very well amongst each other. I had not further troubles during or after my treatment.

"I can recommend Dr. Kannmann to everyone for a pain-free treatment"

He and his team solve all your problems. I was perfectly instructed and everything was explained to me. I had a painless treatment and I fell safe and understood with his team.

"I warmly can recommend Dr. Kannmann"

Perfect consultation. The doc took a lot of time out of his schedule for an informative discussion. Friendly, professional atmosphere. No waiting time - the appointment was kept to the minute.


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21 Kert Utca, Mosonmagyaróvár, 9200 Hungary



The clinic is located in the beautiful city of Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, right at the border to Austria. It is a sole 50 minute trip from Vienna and a 2 hour trip from Munich. HD Dental patients can also easily fly in to Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest and will be picked up from HD Dental's own driver. The region of Mosonmagyaróvár is rich in natural diversity and welcomes you to explore it with your complimentary free car and Hungarian mobile phone at your time of stay.

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