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Forehead Contouring

Also known as brow bone reduction or augmentation, forehead contouring is a cosmetic surgery procedure which aims to alter the shape of your forehead. The forehead is one of the most prominent facial features and can sometimes appear out of proportion compared with the cheeks or jaw. With a relatively simple procedure, surgeons can achieve significant changes in appearance, resulting in boosted self esteem and satisfaction.

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Forehead Contouring Quick Details


  • Anyone who feels that their forehead is out of proportion to other parts of their face, often due to it appearing "too masculine" or large in relation to the nose, eyes, mouth, cheek and jaw.

  • Individuals who are transitioning from male to female and wish to achieve a more feminine appearance.


  • Brow reduction procedures usually take around two hours although precise time in theatre will vary depending on the complexity of the operation.

  • Brow augmentation procedures can be quicker, involving the application of dermal fillers. In this case, the procedure can take as little as one hour.


  • Stitches can generally be removed within seven to ten days after the operation.

  • The forehead area will need to be protected from impacts for as long as three months following surgery. Full recovery and final results should be apparent by that time.


  • Studies of augmentation procedures using dermal fillers show excellent rates of success and satisfaction among both men and women.

  • High satisfaction rates have also been found regarding facial feminisation surgery in which forehead contouring is involved.


  • Slight risk of sinus damage (contouring surgery deals with the brow bone directly above the sinus cavity)

  • Bleeding, scarring, inflammation, infection and adverse reactions to local anaesthetic

  • Numbness is a very common side effect although this tends to reduce quickly following surgery and is nothing to worry about.

What Is Forehead Contouring?

Forehead contouring works by physically altering the shape of the bones which constitute an individual's brow.

How Does Forehead Contouring Work?

There are two main forms of forehead reshaping: reduction and augmentation.

Forehead reduction procedures go roughly as follows.

1. Initial Consultation

Before undergoing brow reduction procedures, you will need to meet with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss the risks involved, your personal aims and any underlying issues which may feed into the decision to operate. A CT scan may also be ordered to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for brow reshaping. If you are looking for a qualified plastic surgeon, we are here to help. Contact Qunomedical anytime!

2. Preparation and Admissions

If surgery is recommended, a date will be arranged. Immediately prior to admission, you will need to abstain from tobacco and alcohol, and it may be necessary to suspend certain medications. On the day of surgery, it is normal to administer a local anaesthetic, although in some instances, a general anaesthetic will be advisable. This will require a longer stay in hospital.

3. Incision

Surgeons must make an incision in the brow in order to access the brow bone. This will generally be made along the hairline, and the skin will be peeled back to allow for shaving or remodelling.

4. Shaving

In some cases, surgeons will elect to shave (or "boss") the brow bone. This usually involves shaving the bone in front of the sinus, removing the excess bone mass, and rounding off the shape of the forehead.

5. Forehead Remodelling

However, bossing is not always sufficient to achieve a noticeable alteration in the contours of a patient's forehead. In this case, it may be necessary to detach the forehead bone and physically reshape it to guarantee acceptable results. In this case, your surgeon will shave the bone to remove excess bone mass, and they may apply synthetic fillers to smooth out any concave areas before carefully reattaching the bone above the sinuses. In some cases, it will be necessary to carry out supplemental cosmetic procedures such as hairline restorations or brow lifts. These can be arranged for subsequent dates or carried out during the same admission.

6. Stitching and Discharge

When the recontouring operation has concluded, the surgeon will seal the incision with surgical stitches and dress the forehead appropriately. You may be able to return home the same day, although an overnight stay can be advised to assess the success of the operation.

Are There Different Types of Forehead Contouring?

The description above relates to a forehead reduction process. If forehead augmentation is required, the process is similar but usually less invasive. In this case, surgeons will usually create a custom-made Gore-tex implant and place this underneath the skin in the appropriate part of the brow. Alternatively, surgeons can use a technique called "fat transplantation", where fat tissue is moved from other parts of the body to alter the shape of the brow. This method is the least invasive of all, requiring only the use of a syringe to apply fat where it is required. However, it is also the least permanent and far-reaching, so is only suitable in a minority of cases. There are also different types of brow reduction. In many cases, the brow bone can be shaved to achieve the desired results. Sometimes, shaving must be combined with a dermal filler to create a smooth, feminine appearance. And as we described above, other cases require extensive remodelling. The process varies considerably for each patient.

What Should I Expect?

Whether you undergo a forehead reduction or augmentation procedure, expect significant changes to your facial appearance to be apparent soon after the operation. Both procedures have a high rate of success, and modern surgeons are capable of precise recontouring to achieve desired results. So, if you have a specific shape in mind, expect to be able to realise it with the help of cosmetic experts. If you desire a more feminine look, forehead remodelling is an essential step in many cases. But expect to require additional procedures to create the right facial balance. Many people find that reshaping brow bones must be combined with cheek augmentation, jawbone reshaping, rhinoplasty and other techniques. The mix will depend on your personal goals.

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