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We are here to make healthcare easier for you. From research and decision-making to booking and procedures - Qunomedical is your companion along your healthcare journey.

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Your personal Health Manager will be with you to advise you throughout your journey, ensuring that medical expertise, confidentiality, and dedication are at your service 24/7.

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From treatments and medical travel essentials to patient stories and procedure guides, you’ll find everything you need to know for an informed and uncomplicated healthcare experience.

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We’ve put our partner clinics through a rigorous scoring system to be listed on our site. Say goodbye to endless browsing and instantly get the best that healthcare has to offer.

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Healthcare doesn’t have to end at your border.

The same quality we come to expect from our local general practitioners exists globally for all procedures - with the added benefits of affordability and timely access.

Qunomedical helps you find care down the street or halfway across the world, while exceeding your expectations for quality of care.

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Let our patients tell you about the care they received from their doctors and from us. You'll find their unique experiences on our clinic pages.

I really don't believe I would of had the confidence to of gone abroad without them... And I would recommend Gero and Qunomedical to any FAMILY and friends.”
Emma at Qunomedical was brilliant, very helpful... as I am not the strongest when it comes to being involved with the dentist... my dentist made everything calm and comforting.”
Again, overall the experience was excellent and I am happy that I made this decision. Sophie [at Qunomedical] was super responsive, knowledgeable and very engaged throughout this journey.”

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A free professional quote is your first step in your healthcare journey. Based on your personal case, without any obligation to book.

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Our dedicated Health Manager team speaks 24 languages and can be contacted through Facebook, Whatsapp, phone, or email. Confidentiality, professionalism, and expertise are our priorities and at your service 24/7. Talk to us anytime.

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The quality of our services doesn't go unnoticed. We are certified by Temos, an independent certification body for excellence in medical tourism, and the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) awarded us as the Best Medical Travel Agency in 2017 and Best Medical Travel Website in 2018.

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