Freddy’s Hair Transplant: 6 Months Later

Freddy had his hair transplant at Hair Medical Restoration in Tijuana, Mexico in August 2017 and is now a little over the 6-month mark. To find out how he’s feeling about it, read his own words below or check out his video!

“The recovery from a hair transplant follows a reverse bell curve. The first month starts with excitement and optimism with a new hairline. This enthusiasm is quickly replaced by depressed and negative feelings as you deal with shedding, shock loss and the loss of your new look. The general agreement is that after two months , you will recover enough to reach the same stage you were pre-transplant. In my case, after two months, I looked basically the same as I did the day before I had my hair procedure.

First 3 Months: Baby hairs sprout

Around the third month I finally started to see progress. I was suffering from intermittent folliculitis, which is characterized by inflammation of the skin, acne and itchy skin. This condition is common when the new hair is attempting to break through the skin. I still had some redness and sensitivity on my scalp. At this point, however, I was happy to be back to where I started with some baby hairs starting to sprout. I no longer felt awkward going outside without a hat, and I started to forget about what was happening to my hair.

4th Month: Rapid growth

My fourth month was characterized by rapid growth of my implanted hair. My right temple, in terms of growth, was at least one month ahead of my left temple. My right temple had more hair to begin, and according to my research, it is common for the temple that initially has more existing hair to progress at a faster rate. Consequently, there is no need to be alarmed if this happens to you. Any redness, tenderness and loss of sensation had disappeared by the end of the month.

5th Month: Hairline clearly defined

The 5th month post-surgery marked additional rapid progress. At this point, most people experience rapid new hair growth and a major change in their hair line appearance. My hairline was clearly defined by the 5th month and I was extremely happy with my results at this point. During this phase the only issue I had was with my hair being different lengths. The newly implanted hairs were half the length of my native hairs.

Here you can see what Freddy's hair looked like before surgery.

As a result of having different lengths of hair, most people will experience a hairstyle dilemma of what hairstyle to choose. One will often contemplate to shave his/her head (yes, women get hair transplants too!) or to make the hair even or tough it out and leave the hair uncut. Whatever style you choose, your appearance will be dramatically altered at 5 months.

6th Month: Hair density is improved

Between the 5th and 6th month, the changes in my hair density were clear and apparent. This increase in density is especially noticeable when you look at my 5th and 6th month post op video on Youtube. My hair is getting thicker week by week. Appearance-wise, my left temple is catching up with the right. In addition, the hairs I lost as a result of shock loss have completely grown back.

I am close to having the Elvis like hairstyle that I have dreamed about for a long time.

My density should continue to increase for another 6 months to a year. To be honest, I am completely content with the results at this point. If I didn’t grow another single hair, I would ALMOST be okay with that! I look forward to see what the next 6 months bring.

If you would like to ask me any questions, you can either contact me through Qunomedical or leave a comment/question on my Youtube page. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I promise to keep you posted on my progress with future updates!”

In his 6-month post-treatment video, Freddy shows his donor and transplanted area and how nicely the hair transplant is coming along. Check it out below!

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