Dr. Berkin Gence

Dr. Berkin Gence, MD

Bayer Clinics, Istanbul, Turkey




Practising since 2014

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About Dr. Berkin Gence

Dr. Berkin Gence learned hair transplantation at Dr. Bayers Clinics, where he performs the procedure today, after having gained experience working in a hospital. He has also broadened his knowledge through attendance at multiple conferences and workshops, versing him in modern methods. Dr. Gence is also fluent in English, making him a good choice for international patients.


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Kurucesme, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cd. 69 B, 34345 Besiktas/İstanbul
Istanbul, Turkey

Bayer Clinics is a multi-disciplinary cosmetic practice whose emphasis lies on providing plastic surgery, particularly hair transplantation. This clinic offers the FUT, FUE with sapphire blades and DHI techniques, and can perform beard and eyebrow hair transplants too.

Dr. Bayer is amongst the first few doctors to bring hair transplant surgery to Turkey. He is also renowned for having developed his own special technique known as 'oblique canal opening', which allows grafts to be placed at a particular angle that closely mimics the way hair naturally grows, giving patients a result that is distinctly more natural-looking. Dr. Bayer has also personally trained the other two doctors at the clinic, using his more than 25 years' experience to teach them precise hair transplantation. Dr. Noyan can perform up to five procedures a day and Dr. Gence is mostly dedicated to hair transplants and has experience working in A&E.

This clinic is given a bright and modern layout, with a total of 80 staff members upholding its high standards. Bayer Clinics serves patients with the latest technology and practices, and actively extends its services to the international patients whom it serves regularly. They also have translators for multiple languages on hand.