Dr. Irmak Ucak

Dr. Irmak Ucak, MD

LIV Hospital Vadi, Istanbul, Turkey


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Practising since 2010

Primary Rhinoplasty Package from€3,400

About Dr. Irmak Ucak

Dr. Imrak Ucak is an ENT specialist and rhinoplasty surgeon with over 10 years of experience. After qualifying as an ENT doctor, she worked in a few different hospitals around Istanbul before offering her expertise at Liv Hospital Vadi. She also decisively broadened her knowledge and skills by completing a two-year course in head and neck surgery provided by the Turkish Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, to which she has membership. Today, she often performs rhinoplasties on international patients, being a fluent English speaker.


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Ayazaga District, Kemerburgaz Street, Vadistanbul Park Building, 7F Blok, 34396 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

There are a whole range of departments at LIV Hospital Vadi Istanbul, including one for plastic surgery, where popular procedures like nose jobs, breast surgeries, tummy tucks and eyelid surgeries are carried out. A team of experienced surgeons take great care in helping patients achieve their desired outcomes, with consultations, aftercare and all the sophisticated technology that is used in this highly modern facility.

The LIV Hospital group started in 2013, with their Vadi branch opening as their sixth facility. Over this decade of serving patients from around the world, they have risen as a highly technological healthcare provider, favouring the newest medical equipment and involving themselves in academic and scientific developments.

  • Part of a well-established modern healthcare group, accredited by the ISO.
  • Newest technology used by experienced professionals.
  • Range of popular procedures carried out with expertise.