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Dr. Maja Malic, MD

Bagatin Clinic Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia




Practising since 2009

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About Dr. Maja Malic

Dr. Maja Malic is a specialist for otorhinolaryngology at Bagatin Zagreb. She has attended numerous international courses and congresses in otorhinolaryngology and plastic surgery all over the world, e.g. in Barcelona, ​​Paris, Milan, Berlin, Prague, USA, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland and elsewhere. Her focus is plastic and reconstructive facial surgery, functional and aesthetic nose surgery, and endoscopic sinus surgery. She also has an extensive experience in otoplasty and minimally invasive rejuvenation methods.


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Dr. Maja Malic, MD has achieved 21 out of 35 points and is awarded with a Qunoscore of 5.7, Good.

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Grada Vukovara 269a/10, Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

With locations in Zagreb and Split, Bagatin Clinic is one of Croatia’s leading multidisciplinary clinics. Their 20 years’ experience makes them a popular choice for a variety of treatments. They maintain such expertise and popularity by keeping their facilities up to date with the latest medical apparatus.

At both branches, patients are welcomed into a modern practice that has specialists in a multitude of procedures: some 250 different treatments spanning plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetology are on offer. Many patients travel here for dental implants, dental crowns, veneers, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, amongst other procedures.

They also uphold that, in their own words, the ‘patient always comes first’; this is evidenced by their accommodating staff, who conduct themselves completely according to this motto.

As for accreditation, Bagatin is a Gold Member of the Medical Tourism Association and is certified by the Global Clinic Rating, which is a comparison website that evaluates medical facilities on an international level. They’re also ISO certified and obtained Temos accreditation in 2019, in two categories: Excellence in Medical Tourism and Quality in International Patient Care. Additionally, they won the award for ‘Best International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’ at both the 2017 and 2019 International Medical Travel Journal Awards for their excellence.

  • Bagatin Clinic is the leading clinic for dentistry in Croatia and the region that offers a wide range of services to its patients.
  • They offer an individualized approach and are a one-stop-shop for patients looking for aesthetic treatments thanks to their wide offer.
  • They are ISO and Temos certified for Quality of care for International patients and Medical Tourism.