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Bagatin Split Clinic within Diocletian Hotel

Bagatin Split Clinic within Diocletian Hotel

Why Travel to Croatia for a Breast Augmentation?

Getting a breast augmentation in Croatia has become more popular thanks to the country's advanced medical infrastructure and low treatment costs. This combination means patients from abroad can enjoy outstandingly modern clinics, excellent surgeons and affordable rates all at once.

To learn more about the types of breast augmentation surgery available, how they are performed, and the costs surrounding the procedure, have a look at our breast augmentation overview page.

If you're already casting a wider net in your search for high-quality yet affordable breast surgery, you may also want to consider countries like Turkey or the Czech Republic, which are destinations that offer the same advantages.

What Are the Advantages of a Breast Augmentation in Croatia?

Travelling to Croatia for breast augmentation surgery allows you to benefit from high-standard medical care for much less than what you would pay in somewhere like the UK or Western Europe.

The Croatian healthcare system is highly developed, with boutique clinics to fully fledged hospitals being equipped with the newest technology that enables advanced medicine to be practised. You will often find facilities that are accredited by national and global agencies, which certify their reliability as safe and capable providers.

This also means that Croatian doctors will often have outstanding qualification levels, reputable expertise, and experience using the latest surgical methods. It's also commonplace for them to be members of international medical societies, attesting to their adherence to the best possible standards and practices.

It's easy to find a dependable breast augmentation surgeon in Croatia. This, combined with the far better value for money you find there, makes travelling for the procedure a very viable option for women who have otherwise been hindered by the high prices of good-quality surgery. Clinics looking to cultivate an international patient base will often increase the overall affordability by packaging the treatment with extras like accommodation and a driver service, which also takes the stress out of travelling for your procedure.

How Easy Is it to Travel to Croatia for a Breast Augmentation?

The Croatian coast in summer - a popular country for breast augmentation surgery

It's really straightforward to travel to Croatia for your breast surgery. Most major cities in Europe and many around the world offer flights to Croatia, which itself has multiple international airports. Even if you don't fly with one of the many budget airlines serving Croatia, you'll still save significantly on your procedure with the flight cost added.

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Can I Travel to Croatia Alone?

A popular holiday destination for beach-goers, hikers and city-breakers alike, Croatia is a safe destination for solo travellers. Women going for a breast augmentation are anyway likely to be staying in larger towns or cities, which will be full of foreign visitors, as well as places to explore. Croatia offers stunning coastal sceneries and interesting cultural sights to see.

In terms of beginning your recovery abroad, your surgeon will detail all the steps in a follow-up consultation after your procedure, providing tips and equipment where necessary to aid the process. With such support in place, many women cope well travelling for a breast augmentation alone, but if you'd like a companion, either as someone to support you or to enjoy the country with, this can be discussed before booking. Some hotels can even switch to accommodate another person at little extra cost in case you change your mind after you've booked.

Why Book with Qunomedical?

When you book your breast augmentation with us, you're guaranteed all the aforementioned advantages and more, as we only work with doctors and clinics that have passed our strict vetting critera. These scrutinise all the important factors that patients look for when making a choice about their treatment: doctor's qualifications, the depth of their experience, how past patients review them, the standards of their clinics, the value for money they offer, etc. But there are many reasons why booking through us will grant you the easiest and most pleasant healthcare experience:

  • You won't have to navigate a foreign medical system; we'll present you with the best clinics and doctors based on our very own vetting criteria.

  • You will save a great deal with us, enjoying excellent-quality care without the high costs that usually come with it.

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  • You don't pay extra to use our service. When we find you the right doctor who best suits your needs, you can be assured that we're only motivated by our patient-first belief.

Is it worth it?

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What is the cost?

Starting at €3,600 in Croatia

Is a visa needed?

A visa is only needed for visits longer than 90 days, but it's important to check the latest government guidance on this before travelling.

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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Surgery in Croatia Cost?

The reason countries like Croatia are able to give women access to great-quality breast augmentation procedures is ultimately because they break down the cost barriers that usually come with good plastic surgery. As such, price is a convincing factor in patients' decisions.

Below, we’ve laid out the starting price for a breast augmentation in Croatia, as well as a few other countries for comparison. It’s important to note that these prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary based on individual circumstances and between clinics.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€3,050
United Kingdom€5,700
United States€6,825

Which Factors Influence the Cost of a Breast Augmentation in Croatia?

Taking the average price outlined above, there are some added variables you will always encounter that will play a role in determining your final price. These stem from factors like the lower cost of living in Croatia, which allows patients to take advantage of great care for much less.

  • Clinic's discretion: each clinic will set their own price based on the experience of their surgeons and their all-round reputation. But prices for a breast augmentation won't differ drastically between clinics, in the interest of competing with one another.

  • Treatment packages: since they are keen to attract patients from abroad, clinics tend to offer package deals, where accommodation and a chauffeur are included in the price of the procedure. This adds both value and ease to your journey.

  • Additional treatment: some patients decide to incorporate an additional treatment to support their breast augmentation in Croatia. Breast lift surgery or getting implants are common choices to further alter the shape of your breasts if you wish to do so.

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