DHI Hair Transplant in

View above the city of London, UK.

View above the city of London, UK.

DHI Hair Transplants in the UK

DHI hair transplants in the UK have taken off in recent years. The method is among the most innovative options for regaining lost hair and specialists within the UK have been at the forefront of the technique’s development.

While travelling abroad is a great option, many patients prefer to stay at home for their hair transplant. In recent years, this has become a more viable option, thanks to the advancements of clinic infrastructure, the presence of more qualified and experienced doctors, and lowering costs. These improvements have also resulted in an increase in the number of international patients travelling to the UK for treatment.

The UK has been at the forefront of the development of DHI hair transplantation surgery. Working in tandem with internationally-recognised associations, renowned specialists throughout the UK have consistently worked to make the procedure as safe, efficient, and successful as possible. The standards of the UK’s clinic infrastructure has improved significantly too. An increasing number are meeting the care standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), highlighting the patient-centred approach being taken.

Regardless of where you’re based in the UK, finding the right DHI hair transplant doctor is easy. Clinics are located all around the country, with affordable and easy-to-navigate transport links to get you wherever you need to go. At Qunomedical, we’ll also go the extra mile, by helping you with travel arrangements, as well as accommodation, if you need it.

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Planning Your DHI Hair Transplant in the UK

Undergoing a DHI hair transplant in the UK is becoming ever more popular. Still, with its combination of modern medical facilities and renowned doctors, it’s hardly surprising that an increasing number of patients are choosing to undergo their treatment at home.

Despite the increased presence of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure, DHI hair transplant costs in the UK have actually become more affordable in recent years. Below, we’ve outlined the starting DHI hair transplant price in the UK, as well as in a few other countries. These are not fixed or guaranteed though and may vary based on individual circumstances.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€5,710

What Factors Influence the Cost of DHI in the UK?

When considering the quality of care offered, and the experience and skill of the specialists, DHI hair transplant costs in the UK are very competitive. However, there are a few factors that can have an influence on what your final price will be, so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your treatment.

  • Number of grafts: The biggest factor that will influence the price of your DHI transplant is the number of grafts that you’re looking to have transplanted. The prices above are starting prices for around 2,000-2,500 grafts. Costs will increase or decrease depending on whether you need more or less grafts than this transplanted.

  • Additional treatments: DHI clinics in the UK often offer supporting treatments alongside a hair transplant. The most common is platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP), which can help to accelerate growth following a transplant. Adding this will increase in the overall cost, but some clinics also offer DHI and PRP as part of a package deal which can be more cost-effective.

  • International accreditations: When looking around for options for a DHI hair transplant in the UK, it’s important to check the certifications and accreditations of both doctors and clinics. Not only will this suggest a high-quality of care, but it can also explain slightly higher prices. Clinics with certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for example, often charge a little bit more for treatment than those without this.

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