PR Manager and Health Researcher

Ariane Takyi

Ariane is a Digital PR Manager. Born in Germany and now living in London, Ariane helps Qunomedical to turn complicated healthcare data into digestible, patient-focused content.


Ariane is passionate about healthcare and public health. She is the Founder and Communications Manager at Africa Crisis Hub, a grassroots movement that supports at-risk Sub-Saharan African communities. Ariane is also a community specialist and is always up to date with the latest topics within the healthcare industry.

Qunomedical Editorial Guidelines

Qunomedical is a patient-first company. What does that mean? Our treatment pages, blogs, and guides are created for the patient so they can make confident choices about their health.

We want to answer your most important questions and we source from peer-reviewed medical journals, government organizations, and academic institutions. We employ a rigorous proofing process and work with our Medical Review Board along with world-renowned doctors to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information to best of our ability.

Qunomedical has worked with over 6,500 patients to give them the best quality treatment, regardless of backgrounds or borders.

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