Veneers Pre-Op Guide

Getting veneers is becoming more and more popular. These thin shells that attach to the front of your existing teeth have helped thousands of patients to revamp their smile.

Technology around veneers is constantly developing. Despite this, undergoing any kind of dental treatment can be daunting, with costs, success rates, recovery, and how long the veneers will last being common concerns. But, by following some straightforward guidance, you can help to ensure that your treatment journey runs as smoothly as possible.

Please note that this veneers pre-op guide aims to give you useful information on how to best prepare for your treatment. Our guidelines are not intended to replace any medical advice provided to you by your dentist.

Veneers Pre-Op: Getting Ready For Treatment

There’s not a great deal of preparation that you need to do before getting veneers, but there are some important points to remember. 

The guidance that we have provided below is relevant regardless of whether you have your veneers fitted at home or abroad and highlights common recommendations from reputable dentists. But, we also recommend that you discuss any pre-treatment instructions with your dentist to make sure that you’re prepared in the best possible way for your dental treatment.

Veneers Pre-Op Don’ts

  • Don’t smoke 24 hours before your treatment.

Why? Nicotine can increase the risk of infection during dental treatment. 

  • Don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before your treatment.

Why? Alcohol acts as a vasodilator which means that it opens blood vessels. This can cause an increased amount of bleeding during your veneers treatment.

  • Don’t take aspirin or any medications containing aspirin for a week before having your veneers fitted.

Why? Similarly to alcohol, aspirin can dilute the blood, causing an increased amount of bleeding during the procedure.

Veneers Pre-Op Do’s

  • Inform your dentist about any allergies or underlying health conditions that you have.

  • Provide your dentist with a list of regular medications that you take.

  • Let your dentist know if you’re suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms in the days running up to your treatment.

  • Eat a small breakfast on the day of your treatment.

Veneers Pre-Op Checklist 

Whether you’re travelling abroad to somewhere like Turkey or Croatia for your veneers, or are having them fitted in the UK, there are a few important points to remember. These will help to make sure that your treatment runs smoothly, as well as ensuring that you’re as comfortable as possible during the procedure. 

✔ On the day of your treatment, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes like a T-shirt or a sleeveless shirt

✔ If you’re planning to buy post-op medications abroad, consider adding checked-in baggage, as you won’t be able to store them in your hand luggage.

✔ Make sure that your passport has at least six months of validity. This is especially important now for UK citizens travelling within the EU following Brexit.

✔ Print your booking confirmation and a copy of your emergency contact details.

✔ Bring any relevant medical records or test results.

✔ Pack a city guide if you’re planning to explore the surroundings.

✔ Double-check your local governmental authority website about any new travel advice or visa requirements.

✔ If you’re travelling abroad and paying by credit card, make sure that you inform your bank that you’re going to be carrying out transactions overseas.

Planning Your Veneers Treatment Together With Qunomedical

At Qunomedical, we take a patient-first approach to healthcare. We’re here to support you throughout your entire veneers journey, from pre-op planning to post-op recovery.

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