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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Why Travel Abroad?

If you're in search of effective and professional gastric sleeve surgery, Turkey may be the ideal destination for you. Highly experienced surgeons operating in state-of-the-art facilities are the norm in Turkey. Weight-loss surgery is performed using cutting-edge technology through the latest methods, attracting thousands of patients from abroad each year, who go not just for the exceptional care, but also for the significantly lower cost.

If you'd like to know more about the procedure first, you can read our dedicated information page where you'll see a convenient overview of the process, aftercare and costs.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve surgery is offered by numerous reputable clinics and hospitals throughout Turkey. A thriving medical tourism sector that is backed by the government means the whole healthcare system is extremely advanced, with skilled surgeons using the latest techniques and equipment in every field, including getting a gastric band. Turkey has lots of clinics to choose from that have garnered recognition from international accreditation agencies, attesting to the exceptional standards you can easily find there.

Despite the usual case that it will cost a lot for a high-quality gastric sleeve, Turkey offers the procedure at a significantly lower price compared to many other countries, without compromising the level of surgical expertise and overall care provided. Moreover, international patients often benefit from package deals that include accommodation and transfers, making the journey to Turkey not just much better value, but a lot easier too.

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Qunomedical only works with clinics and doctors that have been thoroughly vetted with quality and affordability in mind. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.

Many travel for a gastric sleeve in Turkey, giving them a chance to explore the country whilst there.

Are Turkish Doctors Good?

To uphold the excellent standards of its healthcare system, Turkey produces highly qualified doctors who attend prestigious universities and continue to enhance their knowledge throughout their careers by attending courses and conferences relating to their field. Indeed, most of them are active members of medical societies that strive to develop their disciplines further, making it easy to find a surgeon for your gastric band in Turkey who is versed in the newest innovations of the procedure.

How Easy Is It to Travel to Turkey for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Turkey's international airports receive hundreds of flights from every major destination each day, with plenty of budget airlines serving routes too. You can get direct flights from mainland Europe and the UK, and if you book a package deal, a driver will be waiting in Turkey to take you to your hotel, to make things even easier. Just remember to check your government's travel advice; nationals from the UK, for example, won't need a visa for visits under 90 days.

Can I Travel Alone?

Turkey's cities are quite cosmopolitain and are safe to travel to alone. Since your surgeon will brief you on the recovery process and the aftercare will be as comprehensive as possible, even travelling alone for a gastric sleeve in Turkey is perfectly doable. However, some patients prefer to have some support with them, which can be easily arranged through the hotel booking whilst your package is being discussed. Even if you change your mind after it's booked, hotels tend to be flexible in accommodating an extra guest for an extra fee.

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Qunomedical only works with clinics and doctors that have been thoroughly vetted with quality and affordability in mind. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.

Why Book through Qunomedical?

When you book your gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey through us, you get all the quality care as outlined above, plus our own advantages:

  • You won't have to go through a foreign health system. Instead, we'll present you with the best options based on our very own thorough vetting system, Qunoscore, which covers doctors' qualification levels, the depth of their experience, how patients review them, their clinics' standards, and the overall value for money.

  • You'll save significantly with our package deals, enjoying great-quality care without any extortionate costs.

  • Support from a personal patient manager, who will be there to answer your questions along your entire journey.

  • No extra fee for using our service. When we find you the right doctor, we're only motivated by our patient-first belief.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Based on 1,000+ Patient Reviews

What is the cost?

Starting from €5,350 in Turkey

Is a visa needed?

A visa is only needed for visits longer than 90 days, but it's important to check the latest government guidance on this before travelling.

Why Choose Qunomedical?

  • 100% free, non-binding assessment

  • Professionally vetted and verified doctors

  • Internationally accredited clinics

  • Qunomedical-exclusive packages including accommodation, airport pick-ups, and transfers

  • Best price guarantee


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Planning Your Treatment

When comparing different countries, you'll encounter significantly varying prices for gastric sleeve surgery. Turkey is on the lower end of the cost spectrum however, which is one of the core reasons why it attracts many patients from abroad: they pay much less for the same quality as at home.

Below is a comparison table that shows the costs in different countries. Please remember that these are average numbers that may be subject to further change depending on things like the clinic you choose.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€5,400
United Kingdom€10,000

Seek advice for a gentle weight reduction treatment

Qunomedical only works with clinics and doctors that have been thoroughly vetted with quality and affordability in mind. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.

A couple take in one of Turkey's unique sights

What Can I Do in My Free Time in Turkey?

There are many things you can do during the free time you'll have between your appointments. Ways to enjoy Turkey include:

  1. Wandering around the old parts of town, where you're bound to come across landmarks, photogenic architecture and relaxing parks.

  2. Visiting the famous historical sites in your area, which will give you a chance to see some of Turkey's rich history and culture in person.

  3. Taking in the natural beauty that can be found anywhere from the beaches to the mountains; Turkey has plenty of varied nature that is sure to inspire you.

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