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Top Four Countries for Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) can offer a long-term solution to tackling obesity. If conventional diets and exercises have not yielded any success, patients have various surgical weight loss options available to them. From reversible non-surgical procedures such as a gastric balloon or gastric band to non-reversible ones like a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, the different surgeries all ultimately involve shrinking the capacity of the stomach to reduce eating large portions and regularly. 

Many patients looking for this type of weight loss treatment end up travelling abroad for it; key factors like cost, waiting times and seeking a specifically desired procedure make travelling a very sensible course of action. Below are four countries that are renowned for their expertise in weight loss procedures, and from which many international patients have returned to enjoy life-changing results.


A lot of people that are determined to cut down their excess weight are drawn towards Germany, because as a country it offers a multitude of procedures across many clinics. Their altogether high level of expertise is why German doctors often take their treatments beyond just the stomach procedure itself. New Weight approaches each case individually, giving patients a personalised course of aftercare - Dr Teschers is a nutritional medicine specialist who helps patients maintain their changes through dietary consultation and nutrition advice. They have locations in six German cities, making them highly established and accessible for international patients. But what makes them stand out is their application of the POSE 2: an endoscopic procedure where the stomach is folded and sutured from the inside. Since the process is done via the oesophagus, there is no scarring.


As a global hub for medical tourism, Turkey has a whole network of hospitals and clinics that each have their own specialisations. Amongst these are various that offer weight loss surgery, where you can find a reputable weight loss doctor with experience that rivals those in other countries. Above all, Turkey’s weight loss surgery cost is also very low, meaning you get high-quality care for a lot less. Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital in Istanbul is a notable centre for bariatric surgery, where international patients are frequently welcomed. The team brings decades of experience to the operating room, with specialisations that span gastric sleeve, balloon or bypass procedures.


Though perhaps more of an unassuming destination on the weight loss radar, Lithuania rightfully earns its place here as also ranking amongst the top countries for medical tourism. Their facilities are highly modern, allowing Lithuanian professionals to excel in their fields - including bariatric surgery. Like Turkey, international patients enjoy outstanding care for a far lower price. For instance, Kardiolita Hospital offers a gastric sleeve package for only €5,850.


Patients travelling from abroad for their weight loss treatment often opt for Polish clinics, as these also offer a multitude of options for a fraction of the price. Modern facilities, high standards and renowned professionals sustain Poland as a trusted destination for weight loss surgery. KCM Clinic includes gastric bypass surgery in its broad range of medical services; with nearly 30 years’ experience, Dr. Grzegorz Kowalski has helped many international patients reduce their weight.

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Though obesity is a growing problem in the world, it still manages to avoid a lot of mainstream focus. It nevertheless burdens many people, especially those who want to reverse it but can’t get their insurance to pay for the procedure. That’s why it’s good to know where you can find excellent weight loss treatment for the best value.

At Qunomedical, we’re constantly finding patients the treatments they need, guiding them to accessible clinics around the world. Our prices are not only exclusive, but also include accommodation and transfers, making it much easier for you to travel for treatment. Let us find the right professional for you, so you can start shedding weight for good.


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