5 Tips for Finding the Right Hair Transplant Treatment for Your Budget

 Ambra Andrei

Ambra Andrei - Medical Content Writer

Posted Oct 18, 2016

If you’re looking for a procedure, like hair transplant surgery, which isn’t covered by your health insurance, it’s difficult to know where to start when searching for a doctor you can trust. Not only are you putting your health in the hands of others, but there’s also the added pressure of finding a treatment that fits your budget. High-quality healthcare can be expensive — but with the help of Qunomedical it doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips to help you find outstanding medical treatment without breaking the bank.

1. Consider Traveling Abroad

Traveling to a different country to undergo hair transplant surgery abroad can save you a lot of money. Many of the hospitals within Qunomedical’s international network offer FUE hair transplants — the latest hair transplantation technique — at up to 80% less than the average cost in the UK. A hair transplant performed by an experienced, fully-accredited doctor in the UK costs around €7100. However, you can receive the same quality of treatment in Turkey for around €1950. Prices vary from country to country, and some clinics alter the price depending on the number of hairs being transplanted. Others have a fixed rate, regardless of whether you need 2000 or 5000 grafts. At Qunomedical we're dedicated to helping you find the best option for you, based on your needs and preferences.

2. Make Sure That You Know Exactly What You're Paying For

Always make sure you know what’s included in any quote you’re given. You don’t want to be hit with any hidden costs at a later stage. At first glance, the extremely low prices offered by some healthcare providers can seem very attractive, but hair transplant costs can quickly escalate as extras are added. Look for all- inclusive price quotes and make sure you know exactly what’s included and what’s not. If in doubt, you can always ask your Qunomedical Patient Manager for clarification.

3. Verify Your Doctor – Put a Face to the Name

Putting your health in the hands of a doctor in another country may seem like a daunting prospect. For this reason it's important to make sure to check a doctor’s credentials and license so that you're satisfied with their qualifications and experience. Good doctors should always be happy to provide you with this information. If someone is unwilling to share their credentials with you, move on. At Qunomedical, you can access our approved hair transplant doctor profiles. This allows you to check the important information including qualifications, accreditations, reviews, and before and after pictures.

4. Clinics – How to Distinguish the Good From the Bad

It’s important that the clinic you choose is recognized for providing a high standard of healthcare by an international or national regulatory body. All of the clinics that we approve are JCI-accredited or have received their highest national medical accreditation. Pick a clinic whose staff are highly experienced in treating international patients and which has high patient-satisfaction ratings. Smile Hair Clinic for example, is one of the most renowned hair transplant clinics. Located in Istanbul, it offers unique treatment packages and boasts outstanding reviews from past patients.

5. Your Treatment Doesn't End When You Return Home

Not only is it important to have a good idea about how your hair transplant abroad will play out, but it’s also important to make yourself aware of how post-op hair transplant phase will be when you return home. A good doctor should be available to answer any of your questions or concerns even after you've returned to your home country. At Qunomedical your Patient Manager will continue to support you even after your treatment is finished. We’ll contact you for up to a year post-treatment to check how your recovery is progressing. We’ll also invite you to join our online community on Facebook. The Hairloss Crusaders group is a judgement-free space to share stories, hear from others, and get answers to any questions that you may have.

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