Why Pictures Are Important for Your Hair Transplant

Posted May 24, 2017

by Ambra Andrei

Content Manager

We are always happy to listen to our patients and help them book their treatments, whether it be close to home or across the globe. If you’re planning to book a hair transplant, one of the first things we’ll ask you will be to provide us with a few pictures of your head.

Why Do We Need Pictures?

Since we offer a worldwide outreach, the fastest and easiest way to prepare a treatment plan is to see recent pictures of your head. The degree and severity of hair loss can vary patient to patient — as demonstrated by the Norwood Scale — therefore photos provide a good starting point for assessing your individual case. Through this, your doctor and your Qunomedical Patient Manager will be able to assess the number of grafts you need and get an idea of how strong your donor area is before you travel.

Whether you’re going for a DHI hair transplant or a FUE hair transplant, this is a fundamental first step in your treatment journey. Pictures from all sides of your head will allow us and your doctors to assess your current hair loss and get you started with our end-to-end, free service.

What Kind of Pictures Do We Need?

Below you'll find a quick and easy guide on how to send us pictures that will help us get your hair transplant journey started. Take one close-up picture of:

  • The front of your head

  • Your right side

  • The back of your head

  • Your left side

  • The top of your head

Pictures will only be used for medical purposes in assessing your hair loss conditions in order to find a treatment that’s well-suited to you. Where you choose to go for your hair transplant is up to you. From Turkey to Poland, we’ll work with you to help you find high-quality, affordable care. If you want to find out more about hair transplant surgery costs around the world, check out our Hair Transplant Cost Guide. Once your treatment is done, we will be happy to receive more pictures in the following months to check on your progress towards a successful recovery! Ready to receive your free quote or get more information? Contact us now and one of our Patient Managers will be in touch to get you started.


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