Designing Your New Hairline With a Hair Transplant

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Posted Sep 19, 2022


Losing hair is a distressing process for a lot of people. The response tends to be to just ‘embrace it’, but that’s hard to do when you feel your confidence receding along with your hairline. But as plastic surgery has developed, it’s thrown a lifeline into the prevalent despair of hair loss - and in the form of a potentially permanent solution, no less: hair transplantation.

Your hairline is the first thing you see in the mirror, so patients quite rightly go to hair transplant surgeons with keen hopes of restoring theirs back to a specific place. Indeed, recovering the receded scalp is the fundamental point of why a lot of people opt for surgery, which is why designing a new hairline beforehand is such a crucial process.

However, a hair transplant isn’t going to make your hair look precisely like it did before you started to lose it. The goal of the procedure is to make your new hairline look natural, which means giving you a fuller head of hair that matches your current age and facial features.

‘When the patient comes to the clinic he or she has an idea of what they want already and usually has a photo from 20 years ago with the wish of achieving the same hairline. Unfortunately that's not always possible because as we age the hairline goes back and face muscles move up.’ HWT Clinic, Istanbul

Bringing your hairline back down needs an attentive surgeon who knows what to look for and consider. Ultimately, determining the new hairline isn’t just an arbitrary mark made along the forehead; it’s a precise guideline that structures the whole surgery.

Your New Hairline From the Surgeon’s Point of View

‘The height and width of the new hairline is appropriately adjusted in accordance with the patient’s facial measurements as well as the upper border of the forehead muscle tissue to avoid performing implantations on incompatible surfaces.’Suzermed, Istanbul

As a cosmetic procedure, patients don’t tend to go into it thinking about what goes on in the inner layers, so to speak. Hairline design is highly dependent on the nature of one’s facial structure, which is ultimately determined by age. A good result is simply in harmony with the rest of the changes we go through as we get older - but it just draws the line at baldness, literally.

Aside from considering how the face’s muscles are positioned, the amount of grafts (transplanted hair follicles) will need to account for the desired coverage before and along the desired hairline.

‘The front hairline should be natural. It should match the person's age. It should be in harmony with the facial features…If an unnatural front hairline is drawn, the result will look very bad no matter how many grafts are planted. But when the front hairline is natural, even if a few grafts are planted, the result can be very impressive.’ Dr. Yavuz, Istanbul

Restoring Your Hair With a Natural Look

The concept is straightforward: extracting hairs from the back of the head - which are more resilient to falling out - and planting them into the affected area. Of course, like with all cosmetic procedures, the skill of the surgeon is seen when any evidence of the procedure is not.

Patients expect the most natural-looking results, which is why the surgeon’s considerations all amount to fulfilling this expectation. There’s a broad distinction of what looks natural between men and women’s hairlines:

‘The gender of the person is also very important when creating the front hairline. For example, while transplanting in the temple area, I usually leave the temple open on male patients, otherwise, men may have a feminine front hairline. Or vice versa, if we leave the temple open on female patients, there will be a masculine front hairline.’ – Dr. Yavuz, Istanbul

But what looks natural is always going to be unique to each patient, which is why the designing of the hairline is where you’ll really encounter just how bespoke a transplant procedure is.

‘We provide the patient with a drawing of the hairline that we believe would be the most natural…There are several designs that fit each person differently and give the natural look they want. After agreeing on the hairline, the magic begins.’ – HWT Clinic, Istanbul

Of course, the hairline step takes place within the pre-procedure phase, making it a point of cooperation between the surgeon and patient. Now’s the time to discuss what would best fit you, before saying the word to go ahead. That last glance in the mirror gives you a closer idea of your upcoming new look, and then there’s the excitement of the bald space about to be filled in.

When the new hairline is planned to balance both the aesthetical and practical factors, the result will make any traces of surgery undetectable, thereby setting up the patient for the natural-looking hairline that they’ve been looking for.

‘On the day of the surgery I was met with a big smile by Dr. Cinik, he immediately put me at ease and I knew that I was in good hands. We talked for a while and he drew an outline. I preferred something slightly different and he explained that a "natural hairline" was the best outcome. We agreed on a slightly revised outline and then it all started to happen. The outline looked incredible.’ – Paul, Australia, travelled to Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital in Istanbul for his hair transplant

Qunomedical Has Helped Thousands Restore Their Hair - We’ll Help You Too

Hair transplantation has given countless people a tremendous sense of renewal, and the relief that patients experience with its results practically taglines the procedure with, ‘I wish I’d done it sooner.’ It is now widely popular, and with cities like Istanbul (Turkey being a hair transplant hub) hosting an array of world-class clinics, going abroad for the procedure has become commonplace - because you’ll not only get great service, but above all you will see an expert for a fraction of the cost.

At Qunomedical, we’ve strictly selected some of the finest hair transplant surgeons according to our own Qunoscore system. That way, patients can be sure that a trustworthy and passionate professional will grant them a natural hairline - and with handy packages that include hotels and transfers, we’ll not only help you steer clear of a big financial dent, but we’ll also take the stress out of planning your trip. Start your journey towards a fuller head of hair with us by getting in touch!

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