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The Best Countries for IVF Treatment

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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a specialised treatment within reproductive medicine, where an egg is removed from a woman’s ovaries and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory. As a tried and tested method, all of the best countries for IVF have helped many couples from around the world with fertility issues to have a baby, following a process of weighing up their individual circumstances to find the best place for IVF. Generally, it’s a safe treatment. Risks occur rarely and are to do with side effects to the medication and the conditions of the potential pregnancy, such as the risk of it being ectopic. See our article on IVF success rates if you want to know more.

To administer IVF, different medications are given to stimulate the ovaries into producing more eggs and helping them mature, so they can then be collected and mixed with sperm. The last step is to place the fertilised egg into the womb after a few days. Donor eggs and sperm can also be used for the process.

Although guidelines vary between countries, doctors administering IVF usually do so after the woman has tried other methods such as artificial insemination, a similar procedure where the sperm is injected into the egg without removing the latter from the ovary. Age also plays a key role in IVF eligibility, which is something that even the best countries for IVF limit with legislation, though it usually comes down to the personal circumstances that come with how the woman’s body has aged. Other factors determining whether a patient can go through with IVF or not will be determined by the doctor, who may suggest alternative treatments.

Find the Right IVF Specialist without the High Costs

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A lab technician performs an IVF procedure under a microscope.

How Much Does IVF Cost?

Depending on where you live, your national healthcare system may grant you IVF treatment for free, though the criteria tend to be strict, with multiple prior alternative treatments having to have been tried beforehand. Many couples therefore opt for private IVF, which varies in price according to where you have it done. In the UK for example, it can cost between £5,000 to £7,000 per cycle.

That’s why going for IVF abroad is so popular: the cost is significantly lower in a lot of countries that can provide the same high quality and experienced doctors. Plus, casting a wider net lets you consider the best countries in the world for IVF. We’ve listed some of the costs around the globe on our dedicated IVF guide. Prices do vary between countries, and it’s worth noting that they do so between individual clinics even within the more affordable countries too.

How To Determine the Best Countries in the World for IVF

For us to nominate the best countries for IVF, they need to be renowned for more than just their affordability. Factors like how regulated a country’s practices are, the experience of their doctors, travel-friendliness, and of course success rates are all positively embodied by this selection, making them the best ranked countries for IVF.


A Greek flag flies in the centre of Athens, the capital of one of the best countries in the world for IVF.

We know Greece for its amazing islands, sunny weather and ancient history, but many patients also know it for its reputation as a leading IVF destination. Tens of reputable clinics span the country, with those based in cities like Athens and Thessaloniki even placing an emphasis on attracting patients from abroad, who will come from as far as the USA and Australia. As such, you won’t have any trouble finding English-speaking clinics in Greece.

The immediate advantage of Greece is its considerably lower price per IVF cycle. But what truly makes it one of the best countries for IVF is that this doesn’t mean the quality of the treatment is any lower; on the contrary, a long period of favourable legislation has allowed Greek doctors of reproductive medicine to cultivate their experience to a high international standing. Clinics are also regulated by the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction, which ensures high standards of safety and support, and is in line with the laws outlined by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Some legalities to note are that eggs and sperm are donated anonymously in Greece, choosing the potential child’s sex can only be done on medical grounds, and that the amount of embryos that can be transferred per cycle are limited according to age and past treatments.

Embryoland Clinic in Athens is an ISO-certified centre for IVF treatments that follows the quality and standards outlined by the EU. The clinic has been designed to be a calming and welcoming space for patients, who are treated in a modern facility where the equipment has been specially chosen to maximise chances. The staff have a great deal of experience, which they put into their commitment to providing quality IVF treatments that suit each individual.


  • Anonymous donations means more are available, which cuts the waiting times significantly.

  • Single mothers are allowed to have IVF treatment.

  • Though Greece does have a legal age limit for women, it is one of the highest at 54.

  • High-quality treatment by experienced, well-established clinics is remarkably cheaper than in most other countries.

  • You’ll be able to take in Greece’s beautiful scenery and unique culture whilst staying there for your treatment.


  • Same-sex couples aren’t permitted to have IVF treatment in Greece, but if unmarried, this could be bypassed if the one going for treatment does so as a single woman.

  • If requiring both egg and sperm donations, this can raise the cost. However, it will still be much cheaper than in other countries.

  • If surrogacy is needed, it is essentially impossible for foreign patients, because it not only requires medical grounds and court approval, but also that all involved are Greek residents.

  • Greece can become sweltering hot during summer, which may not suit some patients.

Czech Republic

Find the Right IVF Specialist without the High Costs

Qunomedical only lists IVF clinics and doctors that have been thoroughly vetted with quality and affordability in mind. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.

Prague is one of the best places for IVF, with other good clinics around the Czech Republic too.

The Czech Republic’s medical infrastructure is a sophisticated framework of advanced facilities and qualified specialists, which very much applies to their capabilities in IVF too. Like Greece, their prices are a lot lower, so combined with their exceptional medical standards, the Czech Republic certainly passes as one of the best ranked countries for IVF.

Czech clinics are well regulated and their standards are kept high by the government, which issues a licence that IVF clinics cannot operate without. Part of this regulation does however state that women over 48 are not eligible, nor can the sex of the child be chosen beforehand unless it is medically necessary.

The Czech Gynecological and Obstetrical Society has a dedicated Assisted Reproduction Section, which is actively partnered with many of the nation’s clinics to uphold quality and research that maintains the Czech Republic as a leader in fertility treatment. Owing to this great reputation, you’ll find plenty of clinics that seek to draw in international patients. Patients looking to travel here should however bear in mind that donors are predominantly of white Czech origin.

The Karlsbad Fertility Institute in the Czech town of Karlovy Vary is a renowned facility that is run by a team of experienced, internationally trained specialists. The clinic belongs to a wider group with fertility clinics around the world, whose emphasis is on applying a precise and personalised approach to fit each individual's needs. Their advantages include having one of the region's largest donor databases, the use of advanced technology, and enacting an ethical and transparent approach.


  • Clinics and doctors are closely vetted and their facilities are extremely advanced, despite which the cost for IVF remains very low.

  • Anonymous donations eliminate long waiting lists.

  • With its central-eastern location in Europe, the Czech Republic is easy to get to for a lot of patients. It’s also a wonderful place to explore as a visitor.


  • Same-sex couples and single women aren’t allowed IVF treatment in the Czech Republic.

  • Embryo donations are not allowed; only egg and sperm donations are.

  • Surrogacy can be risky, as there are no laws in place that offer adequate protection to the intended parent couple should there be any issues.


One of the best countries for IVF treatment is Turkey.

Known for its thriving medical tourism in general, Turkey also draws in many patients as one of the best countries for IVF treatment. Healthcare hub that it is, the first thing to note is that good clinics are easily identifiable through their association with any of the many national and international regulators. Prices are also so affordable that Turkey offers some of the world’s most competitive rates for high-quality, advanced IVF procedures.

The Turkish Society of Reproductive Medicine is a substantial organisation that regularly hosts congresses and works to advance fertility treatments worldwide, itself belonging to the International Federation of Fertility Societies. Additionally, the Turkish government closely monitors IVF clinics and has legislation in place that guarantees their quality and efficiency. If you go to Turkey for IVF, you’ll benefit from first-class treatment that is low in cost.

Turkey’s many benefits rightfully deem it one of the best countries for medical IVF, but if you’re considering making the trip, it’s worth noting that only married heterosexual couples are eligible. Also, women up to 35 can only have one embryo transferred for the first two cycles; two embryos are permitted for the third cycle or if you’re over 35.


  • Turkish clinics will likely quote you for the lowest amount out of all the countries you inquire in.

  • Hospitals and clinics in Turkey are amazingly advanced and many of their specialists train around the world, belong to international societies and have gained experience over a long time.

  • Alongside your treatment, you can absorb Turkey’s unique sights and culture.


  • Same-sex couples and single women are not allowed IVF treatment in Turkey.

  • Egg, sperm and embryo donations are all forbidden, as is surrogacy.

  • Though the age limit for a woman isn’t legally defined, the lack of egg donations means most clinics restrict it to around 46 years old.

  • Turkey can become quite hot and humid in summer, which may not be to everyone’s liking.


A Spanish flag flies from a palace in Madrid; the capital of one of the best countries for medical IVF

Another sunny country that’s popular for a whole number of things, one of which has become Spain’s capability as a renowned IVF provider. Indeed, their success rates alone exhibit it as one of the best countries for IVF in the world, but looking at their modern medical system that is held together by expertise and regulated standards makes it even clearer. The Spanish government has clear regulations supporting high-standard IVF.

You’ll find a wide choice of clinics around the country, mainly located in Spain’s cities. These are mostly private facilities dedicated to fertility treatments, many of which are focused on patients who come from abroad to provide them with the best place for IVF. Spain’s egg donation IVF is especially popular amongst travellers, but whatever method you opt for, bear in mind that 50 to 52 is the general age limit, and no more than three embryos can be transferred.

Barcelona-based Sanitas Hospital CIMA is a large facility whose assisted reproduction unit has gained a global reputation. Their sophisticated capabilities in IVF draw in many patients from abroad, who enjoy treatment in an advanced setting where the doctors have established an international standing.


  • Single women, as well as couples comprising two women, are eligible for treatment in Spain, making it the best place for IVF for lesbians.

  • Egg and sperm donation is anonymous, making waiting lists very short.

  • You’re unlikely to find a clinic that isn’t in line with the latest developments and technology in IVF.

  • Spain is the perfect place to visit; you’ll have lots to enjoy and discover whilst out there for your treatment, like vibrant cities, great weather and delicious food.


  • Spain doesn’t rank quite as low on price compared to other countries, but it’s still more affordable than some and you are sure to get high-quality treatment, hence why so many still travel there for their IVF.

  • Surrogacy is not permitted.

Qunomedical: Helping You Reach the Best Place for IVF

All the countries featured here have highly modern healthcare systems, clinics with English-speaking staff, and excellent records of IVF success. We understand that going for IVF requires some deep and personal choices, so it can be hard to start your journey, even as a couple. We’re here to help you choose the right destination according to your needs, and with our guidance, you’ll have the double reassurance of seeing an experienced specialist at an affordable rate. Reach out to us so we can start your process together.


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