The Top Four Countries for the Cheapest All-on-4 Dental Implants

Jonas Butt

Jonas Butt - Medical Content Writer

Posted Aug 11, 2022


All-on-4 dental implants involve restoring a jaw arch that has multiple missing or damaged teeth; a procedure that is usually done over two separate visits to the dentist. Four implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, upon which a prosthetic component is secured.  It’s an advanced restorative dental procedure that offers a long-term solution to people whose capacity to chew or talk properly is hindered - of course, appearance of damaged or lacking teeth can be a major confidence blow too.

Once the dentist has surgically lined up your implants, a dental laboratory will have created your prosthetic precisely according to your individual requirements. These days, various cutting-edge technologies are used to ensure accurate customisation, such as 3D oral scanners and 3D printers. Once the implant is tightly in place, the look and use of a full set of teeth is restored.

It can be hard to decipher what the actual price tag is when looking to get all-on-4s, because it depends where you get them fitted. However, it’s worth noting that the material used to fabricate the prosthetic heavily influences the final cost, wherever you go. Below is a list of four countries that you can consider travelling to for lasting, high-quality results on some of the cheapest all-on-4 implants you can get.


You’ll find many modern, high-standard dental practices in Croatia, from its capital Zagreb to the towns on its famous coastline. Amongst them are a number of specialised dentists that have a lot of experience performing the all-on-4 procedure, and with the advanced medical infrastructure like Croatia’s, patients are treated using the latest medical technology.

The highly rated Ars Salutaris Dental Clinic in Zagreb is popular for its all-on-4 treatment; as a package that includes both visits, patients pay €6,300. This multi-lingual practice welcomes patients from various countries into a warm and spacious setting that is stocked with the most up-to-date equipment. They also have the advantage of having their own dental lab, which serves the timeliness of their procedures.

Alternatively, you have boutique clinics like Dental Center Repic in the coastal town of Trogir, not too far from Split. Their all-on-4 offers start at €5,000, where you will be treated by specialists in implantology.


There are many reasons to visit Hungary, with their leading dentistry being one of them. The high-quality dental care provided by Hungarian clinics draws in many patients from abroad, who end up saving a great deal.

The team at MDental Clinic in Budapest collectively spans numerous specialties, and some of their dentists have decades of experience. As such, their capacity to carry out all-on-4 procedures is highly capable, with packages starting at €5,410.

Likewise, Evergreen Dental has various experts on hand to perform effective implant surgery. Starting at €6,690, you can receive experienced treatment in a very up-to-date practice, whose staff are always proactive in furthering their dental expertise. Also based in Budapest, you could combine a trip to see this striking, unique city with a visit to one of these globally renowned clinics that offer some of the cheapest all-on-4 dental implants.


Always a frequent feature on such lists, it's no different when it comes to getting an all-on-4. Turkey has many exceptional dental clinics that are a big part of the country’s far-reaching reputation for outstanding medical services. Indeed, as a hub for medical tourism, you also can’t go wrong opting for an all-on-4 procedure in Turkey.

A trip to Istanbul is worth it for the sights alone, but if you combine it with a visit to a clinic like DentX, you can also have the chance to save a lot on an all-on-4 implant. With packages starting at €5,965, patients can enjoy great value, plus the experience of a restoration using upgraded equipment in this recently renovated clinic.

Atalyia Dental Clinic in Antalya is another clinic keeping Turkey’s level of dentistry elevated. With over ten years in operation, this practice is an excellent choice for patients coming from abroad for all-on-4s, which are packaged as low as €4,690. The fact that it’s located on the country’s lovely sunny coast is a real bonus that can be enjoyed alongside the quality treatment.


Dentists in Poland are also able to offer their skills at a far lower cost, which is why the country ranks well in the search for the cheapest place to get all-on-4 dental implants. Poland also has a highly sophisticated and integrated medical network, whose depth includes great dental care - many patients travel from abroad for it.

INDEXMEDICA is a highly reviewed clinic offering all-on-4 treatments starting at around €5,299. They take a lot of care accommodating international patients, with a dedicated English-speaking customer service team plus a concierge to help facilitate a comfortable trip all-round. Their modern equipment and the depth of their experience also ensures a smooth procedure process.

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