To Hide or Not? What Should You Do About Your Plastic Surgery

Over the years, plastic surgery has grown in popularity and become more common than it used to be. But, there is still a stereotype surrounding it. Plastic surgery is most often associated with being frivolous, vain or the act of getting any procedure done shameful or embarrassing.

Reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery can vary - from a pure desire to change something you don’t like, to modifying something that makes you self-conscious. From changing something that greatly affects your self-esteem to something that might be a reminder of trauma. If something about your physical body affects your mental health to the point of causing you great stress - shouldn’t taking action against it also be considered a form of self-care?

For most or even all of the individuals, going ahead with some form of plastic surgery feels like a relief. It feels like taking charge of something that you felt has controlled you for so long. Taking the decision to undergo plastic surgery is empowering for a lot of men and women, and we believe that there is still work to do to raise awareness of this topic in our society.

There still exists the belief that if you give importance to your outwardly appearance, then you certainly do not care enough about your inner self. What if we could prove them wrong and show that we can, perhaps, have it all? You can have dermal fillers, and still be speaking up for women’s rights. You could have had a hair transplant and still be volunteering at your neighbourhood shelter every week. What you choose to do with your body should be freeing, and you should never feel judged for it.

Research has also found that undergoing cosmetic surgery resulted in positive outcomes in areas such as improvement in quality of life, self-esteem, anxiety and life satisfaction.

It is of course advisable to speak to your loved ones about your plans, to receive assistance and help during your procedure and the recovery. They love and care about you, and will support you in an endeavour that is important to you.

But, please bear in mind you do not have to tell people if you don’t want to. And if you do or if someone asks, do not feel compelled to lie or hide something. As said earlier, you do not need anyone’s permission to make a decision about your body. You should never feel judged for getting (and even not getting) a cosmetic surgery.

We are raised in a society that places a great deal of importance on our physical appearance. If you’re not ‘good-looking’ to begin with, then you are not enough and need to fix it. On the other hand, if you get cosmetic surgery then you might be sneered at for being ‘superficial’.

At the end of the day, there will always be naysayers and a narrow, impractical idea of beauty that most individuals cannot fit into. And besides, the choice to change or not change your body lies with you alone. Getting or not getting the surgery/procedure will not affect anyone else’s life other than your own. Therefore, the decision for surgery should also be entirely up to you.

Finally, we at Qunomedical have helped hundreds of patients getting the plastic surgeries they desired, and we are here to support you if you’re thinking of taking the plunge!


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About the author

Ifrah Khanyaree, Medical Content Writer

Ifrah is a recent graduate in psychology and neuroscience with a penchant for extensively researching and writing content that is honest and accessible.

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