Clinic Spotlight: Plastic Surgery at BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua

Find out more below about one of the plastic surgeons at our partner hospital in Bali!

The Hospital

BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua is the second hospital of the BIMC Hospitals group, with the first being located in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. BIMC Hospitals group has been operating since 1998 and has treated over 200,000 patients. Opened in 2012, BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua was designed to cater more to medical tourists coming to the island of Bali seeking specific treatments, such as surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, dental care or dialysis treatments with spa services. It’s located within walking distance of 5-star hotels and villas, a golf club, the convention center, and the shopping and food esplanade. The tourism hotspots of Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and other secluded beaches are a short drive away.

BIMC Nusa Dua is the only hospital in Indonesia to be accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) and operates under the strictest health and safety protocols by utilising the Meditrax system - a quality assurance system that tracks the sterile supply workflow of all equipment in the hospital so all irregularities or hospital-acquired infections can be easily traced. The hospital features 6 Centres of Excellence: 24-hour Accident & Emergency Centre, 24-hour Medical Centre, Dental Centre, Dialysis Centre, BIMC Pain Clinic and CosMedic Centre. The hospitals offers different type of patient rooms - shared, single, and presidential - so you can choose your level of comfort. All cosmetic treatments are performed at CosMedic Centre. The centre is has its own private entrance for patients looking for a discreet, premium service and is equipped with 2 operating theatres, 4 consultation rooms and a comfortable lounge that overlooks the beauty of Nusa Dua.

Meet the doctors

Dr. I Made Suka Adnyana, MD

Specialty: Facelift and breast augmentation
Operations in 2018: 100

Dr. Suka is a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist at BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua.

An interview with Dr. Suka

What is your experience with international patients?
International patients have needs and demands that are different to local patients, such as food, accommodation options, and so forth. But in our experience, the core to all these factors and the key to create a pleasant patient experience is communication. I always establish clear communication with my patients since the first contact.

In some cases and to a certain extent, information exchange can take place through email even before the patient arrives in Bali. Here, the patient may express their wishes and expectations on their email, along with current photos. Then, I can provide advice on what is best for the patient, based on the information received. Sometimes this helps the patient decide whether they should proceed to coming to Bali or not.

In most cases, however, the discussion takes place during initial consultation. This method is more recommended as it enables me to assess the patient in person, and have clear communication between what patients expect, and what I can deliver and think is best for the patient, as every patient is unique.

What do you love about your job?
I help patients gain a more positive quality of life. After cosmetic surgery, patients often express that they feel more confident, more attractive, healthier, and more in tune with their body. These feelings automatically increase their level of self-esteem.

However, I believe that the key to successful surgery is setting realistic expectations, following post-op instructions from the surgeon, and communicating openly with the surgeon from the beginning of the process to end.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
In essence, Bali is regarded as one of favorite destinations for tourism, and in over the past decade the attraction has expanded to medical tourism as well; surgery, treatment or a beauty makeover during your holiday. Bali's close proximity to Australia and New Zealand is also another factor that appeals specifically to patients coming from those two countries.

We are aware that with the attraction, there are concerns among international clients regarding result and safety in getting healthcare abroad. The fact that BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua is the first and only hospital in Indonesia accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standard International (ACHSI) ensures our clients that our quality of service aligns with international standards.

Once they step into our hospital and meet with our staff, their experience quickly further reassures them about the high standards in our quality of care. Our Team Leader works around the clock providing assistance and acts as a liaison for the patients, and all staff onboard are oriented and trained in understanding and accepting cultural diversities, as well as improving interactions between staff and patients.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped to improve a patient's life?
One recent case that we can think of and are particularly proud of was with a social media personality from Canada who came to me for breast augmentation and lift. The client felt the need to improve her appearance by adding 300cc implants for each her breasts. She had claimed that her transformation had boosted her confidence with her exposure in social media. I noticed how refreshed and rejuvenated she is after undergoing the surgery.

Her happiness simply radiates, and that is what I love about my job.


Dr. I Made Suka Adnyana, known as Dr. Suka, received his medical degree from Udayana University School of Medicine at Sanglah Hospital Denpasar in 2003. He went on to complete his specialist training as a plastic surgeon in 2010 at Airlangga University School of Medicine at Dr. Soetomo General Hospital. Dr. Suka has become one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in Bali since that time and is known as an expert in his field, particularly for facelift surgery and breast augmentation, for his artistry and attention to detail.

Dr. Suka also has a passion for facial aesthetics, body and breast contouring and has completed multiple professional education courses to advance his knowledge, particularly in skin aesthetics, microsurgery, wound treatment and craniomaxillofacial principles. In 2014, he completed an extensive training in Japan for maxillofacial and orthognathic (jaw) surgery, a specialty merging the fields of medicine and dentistry for conditions that affect the head, face and neck. Dr. Suka is a member of the Indonesian Medical Association and Indonesian Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Bali as a travel destination

Bali has long been a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, lush and tropical environment, and rich and colourful culture but has recently proven itself as a popular destination for medical tourists, not only for the beautiful surroundings to recuperate in but also for world-class healthcare at much more affordable pricing.

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Coree has worked in international development, travel, and trained as a Health Coach. First as a Health Manager and now a content writer, her time on the front lines working with patients helped her understand their needs and what information they want when looking for the best healthcare options.

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