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Egg Freezing: How It Works And What To Expect

We’re giving an overview of what egg freezing entails with some helpful insight from Inge Kormelink, Head of International Strategies and Policies at IVF Spain. read more...

by Dr. Sophie Chung

CEO & Founder

Digital Healthcare: 5 Inspiring Female Startup Founders

We interviewed 5 women who founded powerful startups and are now shaping the world of digital healthcare. read more...

by Ambra Andrei

Content Manager

Eamon's Hair Transplant Journey - Part IV: 3 Months Later

It has now been over 3 months since Eamon had his hair transplant procedure. He is telling us how he feels and showing a few pictures. read more...

by Coree Howard

Content Writer

Why Pictures Are Important for Your Hair Transplant

Pictures will help us give you an accurate quote for your treatment. Find a quick guide on how to send us pictures the right way! read more...

by Ambra Andrei

Content Manager

World Immunization Week: Raising Awareness To Fight Preventable Diseases

There are still millions of people worldwide who do not have access to routine vaccinations. What are the challenges for a better coverage? read more...

by Dr. Sophie Chung

CEO & Founder

Gynecomastia: What You Need To Know

Find out what gynecomastia is, what are its causes, and how male breast reduction surgery can help men with this condition. read more...

by Dr. Alexandre Figueiredo

Medical Content Manager

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