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A guide to hip dips

Hip Dips - What's All The Fuss About?

Hip dips: some people have them, some don't. The term, which stands for the dent on the outside of the leg between the hip bone and the thigh, has only become popular in recent years thanks to social media. Many women are bothered by the slight indentations on the hip and look for ways to get rid of their hip dips as quickly as possible. But is this possible or useful? read more...
Sarah Mokrusch

by Sarah Mokrusch

Medical Content Writer

What Does a Good Hair Transplant Look Like - Banner

What Does a Good Hair Transplant Look Like?

Hair loss can have a big impact on people's confidence and self-esteem, which is why getting a good hair transplant is something that more people are turning towards. With impressive advancements that have brought the field significantly forward in the past years, hair transplantation is accessible to a wider, gloabal audience. read more...
Jonas Butt

by Jonas Butt

Medical Content Writer

Blog: Veneers or Crowns - Banner Image

Veneers vs Crowns

Learn about the general cases where each procedure applies, what advantages and disadvantages veneers and crowns have, what costs you can expect, how the treatments are carried out, and how durable each prosthetic is. read more...
Uta Leyke-Hess

by Uta Leyke-Hess

Medical Writer & Editor

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