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Facing Infertility: Your Options For Parenthood (Also, You’re Not Alone)

Qunomedical aims to contribute to this conversation by informing those with fertility issues of many of the options that exist worldwide when coming up against some of the cultural, social and economic barriers to fertility. read more...

by Coree Howard

Medical Content Writer

A Guide to Stem Cell Hair Transplants

What is a stem cell hair transplant and what benefits of undergoing this treatment? Read all about it here! read more...

by Harriet Bouvain

Medical Content Writer

Qunomedical Interviews: Iwan's Hair Transplant in Turkey

Iwan had his hair transplant in Turkey. Read our interview to find out more about his hair journey! read more...

by Ifrah Khanyaree

Medical Content Writer

Quality in the Centre of Patient Experience

How do patients measure quality? Read about three questions patients ask us that enhance their trust in medical providers. read more...

by Maria Fedoruk

Community Manager

Helping Patients Fast

We regard clinics which manage to be industrious in a very short, intense period of time with patients "excellent in operations". What is it exactly that sets them apart? read more...

by Maria Fedoruk

Community Manager

How Do Patients Choose a Clinic Online?

What are the criteria to make your clinic stand out for patients? Find out the right way with Qunomedical. read more...

by Maria Fedoruk

Community Manager

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