Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre - Kuala Lumpur

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre offers a vast array of cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments and health services for those seeking to better their appearance. They are licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, and in 2016 were named the International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year at the prestigious IMTJ Medical Travel Awards ceremony. They also received the 2016 Frost and Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Award for Aesthetics Centre of the Year. These awards are highly deserved due to the fact that this clinic is staffed with only the best physicians and specialists who are dedicated to providing top quality care and service. In order to ensure satisfaction, the staff thoroughly and attentively consults with their patients to create a customized care plan that suits their individual needs. They utilize cutting edge technology in state-of-the-art facilities in order to deliver world class treatments to their highly cared for patients. The Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre offers breast augmentation, liposuction and hair transplants. They also offer non invasive treatments such as Botox and derma fillers.

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Plastische Chirurgie 

(93 Behandlungen)
  • Augenbrauenkorrektur
  • Brustimplantatrevisionen
  • Brustoperation
  • Brustvergrößerung Mann
  • Coolshaping
  • Eigenfetttransfer
  • Erweiterte Bauchdeckenplastik
  • Faltenbehandlung
  • Fettreduktion
  • Gesichtschirurgie
  • Gesäßvergrößerung
  • Kapsulotomie bei Brustimplantaten
  • Kinnkorrektur
  • Kleine Bauchdeckenplastik
  • Kochsalzimplantate
  • Lateral gespannte Bauchdeckenplastik
  • Lippenbetonung
  • Lippenchirurgie
  • Lippenimplantate
  • Mid Facelift
  • Mini Facelift
  • Mittlerer Bodylift
  • Oberkörperlifting
  • Oberlidstraffung
  • Unterer Bodylift
  • Unterlidstraffung
  • partielle Bauchdeckenplastik
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