Located in sunny Novena, Singapore, Abundant Health Medical Clinic provides a variety of general health services to both residents and foreigners from across the globe. With a booming medical tourism industry, Singapore offers the highest standard of medical care at a fraction of the cost, and Abundant Health is no different. Highly experienced, multi-lingual physicians like Dr. Chia Ai Mian operate this state-of-the-art clinic, which features private, modern rooms, family suites, a spa and wellness center, and other facilities and services to guarantee patients the utmost comfort and opportunities to relax during their stay. The wide range of examinations, treatments, and procedures spans across 13 diverse specialties, each with its own competent team of health care professionals. Although cardiovascular screenings and sleep apnea testing are the clinic's most popular procedures, Abundant Health also provides diagnostic imaging services, ENT examinations, blood tests, and pathology biopsies, to name just a few. Corporate tests, pre-insurance/pre-employment screenings, travel medicine and vaccinations, and even online consultations are available for men, women, and children of any nationality, and the dedicated team is willing to tailor any personalized health package. With a prime location just outside of the downtown core, Abundant Health is easily accessible by public transport.

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Dr. Chia Ai Mian

None None Dr. Chia Ai Mian

Dr. Chan Kwai Onn

None None Dr. Chan Kwai Onn

Dr. Kenneth Ng

None None Dr. Kenneth Ng

Dr. Audra Fong

None None Dr. Audra Fong

Dr. Reginald Liew

None None Dr. Reginald Liew

Dr. Ng Chee Kuan

None None Dr. Ng Chee Kuan

Dr. Yeo Chong Meng

None None Dr. Yeo Chong Meng

Dr. Colleen Kim Thomas

None None Dr. Colleen Kim Thomas

Dr. Cheng Shin Chuen

None None Dr. Cheng Shin Chuen

Dr. Lee Yeow Hian

None None Dr. Lee Yeow Hian
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