Advanced Health Medical Center

Advanced Health Medical Center is a modern facility offering general surgery, specialized orthopedic and ophthalmologic care, cancer and autoimmune disease treatments, and elective surgical procedures such as gastric band, liposuction and facial rejuvenation. It would be difficult for another medical facility to match Advanced Health Medical Center in terms of convenience, comfort and savings. Just a short, 10 minute drive from the U.S-Mexico border, the clinic is housed in a new building which is located in Tijuana's Zona Rio neighborhood near excellent hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. Rooms are large, with heating, air-conditioning and private baths, and are designed to provide complete access for those patients with disabilities. All staff speak fluent English and Spanish. Operating rooms are well-equipped and feature the newest technology, and the building also has its own generator. Tijuana has a vibrant nightlife and welcomes throngs of visitors annually; it's also the gateway to Baja California's wine country, beaches, fishing and surfing.

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