The office of Arnoldo Fournier assists patients who have a desire to cosmetically change their appearance or who are looking for reconstructive surgery. The office specializes in procedures dealing with the face, such as face lifts, Botox, neck lifts and ear corrections. Dermabrasion of the face is also a common procedure offered by the office. This removes the dead layers of the skin to give a youthful look and feel.

Another area that the office is known for is breast surgeries. From breast augmentations to reductions, patients will find that they can have the desired size of the breasts in a short time. Liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are also done by the doctor. All of the procedures that are completed are done in a safe manner and completed with advanced technology, laser therapy in most instances. This method of completing the procedure reduces recovery time and allows for smaller incisions to be made on the body.

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