As-Salam International Hospital

Founded in 1982, As-Salam International Hospital is a hospital located in Cairo. It features 220 beds, a number of outpatient clinics throughout Egypt, and the ability to cover almost every need a patient could have. The hospital has a number of specialties, including bariatric surgery, dentistry, dermatology, hematology, neurosurgery, nuclear medicine, and a wealth of other fields.

They also offer a variety of top quality medical services, including critical care and outpatient clinics. These clinics are open every day of the week, making them invaluable for keeping quality healthcare within reach. As-Salam International Hospital is also partnered with Royal Free Hospital in the United Kingdom so that patients in either hospital can obtain a second opinion quickly and easily via satellite communication with highly skilled international experts.

As you would expect from a cutting-edge medical facility, As-Salam International Hospital has the equipment needed to help patients heal and recover quickly. Their German Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Center, for instance, anti-gravity treadmills, hydrotherapy, and much more to help you get back on your feet again. Their commitment to innovation, ethics, and quality ensures you'll receive some of the best care Egypt has to offer, regardless of why you're there.

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