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Asan Medical Center

Located in Seoul, South Korea

For anyone seeking top-quality medical care abroad, Asan Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea, is an excellent option. Asan Medical Center is the largest medical institute in Korea and is quickly gaining a reputation as a world leader in medical treatments and patient care. On a daily basis, this hospital sees an average of 10,886 outpatients, 2,523 inpatients, and 297 emergency patients. Their highly trained staff is intensely committed to seeing that each one of these patients receives the best care possible. The center was established in 1977 by Chung Ju-young, who was dedicated to providing outstanding medical treatment to help the neediest members of society. Since that time, Asan Medical Center has lived up to that mission statement by opening hospitals in rural areas where medical supplies are scarce, establishing non-profit programs in social work and conducting extensive amounts of academic research. The staff at Asan Medical Center are always seeking new and innovative ways to advance their treatments and facilities for the betterment of their patents. They are committed to focusing their research on the eradication of illnesses rather than just treating the symptoms of them. Their goal is to eliminate diseases completely so that all individuals can lead healthy and happy lives.

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88 Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu Seoul, South Korea


South Korea

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