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Barbados Fertility Clinic

If you are looking for success with IVF at a low cost in a stress free environment, then Barbados Fertility Clinic is the place for you. Combining cutting edge fertility treatments with holistic therapies, Barbados Fertility Clinic has achieved IVF success rates that are higher than those in both the United States and United Kingdom. Since their opening in 2002, they have seen thousands of babies being born. Barbados Fertility Clinic is the only IVF fertility clinic in the Caribbean accredited by the Joint Commission International. This accreditation not only ensures world class treatments but also that the most stringent safety standards are always being met. They have held this prestigious accreditation since 2007, and the clinic is now listed in their elite group out of all of the clinics in the world. Barbados Fertility Clinic prides itself in being the first full-time fertility unit in the Caribbean. They were also the first clinic in the Caribbean to assist in making babies from vitrified embryos and from blastocyst transfer. They provide world class fertility care to both Caribbean based patients as well as international patients. Barbados is a tropical paradise that offers international patients a relaxing and secluded atmosphere for receiving fertility treatment.

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Dr. Juliet Skinner

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Dr. Roberta Corona

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Natalia Makchzoumi

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Lyn-Marie Hunte-Belgrave

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Lauren Marshall

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Katerina Arvaniti

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Helen Rolleston

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Emma Brewster

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Dionne Holmes

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Anna Hosford

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