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Berger Clinic

Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the Berger Clinic offers a comprehensive range of surgical and non-invasive procedures. It is an excellent location for international patients seeking overseas care, as the highly trained and professional staff does everything possible to ensure your stay is comfortable and stress free and that you receive the same high-quality treatment at their clinic as you would back home. The clinic is spearheaded by Dr. Petra Berger, who has earned a reputation as one of Germany's most reputable plastic surgeons, and she is specifically known for her work with breast augmentation with autologous fat. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Berger and her staff work tirelessly to deliver the highest level of care to every patient they interact with. Whether you are a foreign or domestic patient, you will feel welcomed and cared for in the compassionate environment they have created. Safety, comfort and care are of utmost importance to the staff at Berger Clinic. Berger clinic offers aesthetic procedures for the face, body, hand and feet. Frankfurt, Germany is an excellent location for medical tourists. Germany is known for its efficiency and professionalism, so you will have no trouble navigating this city whatsoever.

General Information


None None Dr. med. Ulrich Kleiner

Dr. med. Ulrich Kleiner

None None Dr. med. Thorsten Wern

Dr. med. Thorsten Wern

None None Dr. med. Peter Simko

Dr. med. Peter Simko

None None Dr. med. Oliver Wingenbach

Dr. med. Oliver Wingenbach

None None Dr. med. Martin Raghunath

Dr. med. Martin Raghunath

None None Dr. med. Hubert Klauser

Dr. med. Hubert Klauser

None None Dr. med. Gunter Matterstock

Dr. med. Gunter Matterstock

None None Dr. med. Gisbert Holle

Dr. med. Gisbert Holle

None None Dr. med. Fritz L. Fischer

Dr. med. Fritz L. Fischer

None None Dr. med. Alberto Peek

Dr. med. Alberto Peek

None None  Andrej Berger

Andrej Berger


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Berger Klinik GmbH, Mainzer Landstraße 65, D-60329 Frankfurt am Main



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