Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine is located about 15 miles from the Pulkovo Airport in the Baltic Sea port city of St. Petersburg, Russia. The city once served as Russia’s imperial capital for two centuries, and it’s still considered the cultural center of the country. The clinic helps their clients with local tourism services so the clients can explore the top sites in the city like the Winter Palace/Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Blood, and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The rich history of St. Petersburg will keep the clinic’s clients busy throughout their stay.

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine was founded by Dr. Konstantin Ronkin and Evetta Schwarzman in 1995. This clinic offers 20 dental procedures such as crowns, implants, impressions, dentures, cleaning, whitening, and maxillofacial surgery. In 2015, the clinic began servicing international clients. The staff speaks Russian and English, and they can translate medical records and provide interpretation services. They also assist their clients with booking flights, hotels, airport pickup, and transportation. The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine is a modern clinic with a staff that has been trained in the latest dental procedures.

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