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Clinique Generale-Beaulieu

Located in Geneve, Switzerland

Clinique Générale Beaulieu is one of the most highly respected private hospitals in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1899, a group of Swiss physicians opened Clinique Générale close to Geneva. Later, in response to the outbreak of World War I, the Swiss built the Clinique Beaulieu in the heart of the city. It wasn’t until 1983 that both of these clinics merged to form what is now called the Clinique Générale Beaulieu. The clinic currently employs over 600 physicians and has around 120 beds. The six main facilities in this clinic include a department of radiology, nuclear medicine, medically assisted procreation, physiotherapy rehab center, robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery, and a maternity unit. There are also seven operating theatres and one intensive care unit. Recent statistics show that about 6,000 patients receive quality care at this hospital every year. Most patients who were hospitalized here stay for five full days. Nurses assist with around 800 births each year here, and technicians in the radiology and nuclear medicine departments perform around 30,000 exams annually. This Swiss hospital is proud to have the latest technology in surgical care, including the surgical robot Da Vinci S HD and the PET CT & MRI.

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None None Dr. Raphael Gumener

Dr. Raphael Gumener

None None Dr. Pierre Quinodoz

Dr. Pierre Quinodoz

None None Dr. Fernando Balderrama

Dr. Fernando Balderrama

None None Dr. Arnaud Tripet

Dr. Arnaud Tripet

None None Dr. Stephen Altrichter

Dr. Stephen Altrichter

None None Dr. Jean-Pierre Grillet

Dr. Jean-Pierre Grillet

None None Dr. Ihsan Inan

Dr. Ihsan Inan

None None Dr. Anne Brunelli

Dr. Anne Brunelli

None None Dr. Claudio Soravia

Dr. Claudio Soravia

None None Dr. Beat Fischer

Dr. Beat Fischer


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Chemin de Beau-Soleil 20, 1206 Geneve, Switzerland



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