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Dentalia Guadalajara

Located in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dentalia is a national dentist chain in Mexico. One of their most popular offices in Guadalajara is at the Punto Sao Paulo Commerce Center (Centro Comercial Punto Sao Paulo). They have competent dentists and receptionists that are fluent in English and accustomed to foreign visitors. Many Mexican locals have given this office high ratings at multiple online review sites.

They have well trained specialists in multiple fields of dentistry. Maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and endodontics is amongst their specialties.

Dentalia is promoting themselves as an alternative clinic for North American medical tourists. They make the claim that their services are up to 80% cheaper than the United States. Unlike dentists north of the border, consultations are completely free.

The Punto Sao Paulo commercial center is a high class mall located near the Guadalajara Country Club. It is a safe location with a wide variety of boutiques, restaurants and shops. There are even some familiar chain stores from the United States at this mall.

General Information

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None None Dr. Lorena Badial

Dr. Lorena Badial

None None Dr. Sergio Badial Palencia

Dr. Sergio Badial Palencia

None None Dr. Patricia Landa Juárez

Dr. Patricia Landa Juárez

None None Dr. Karina Magaña Curiel

Dr. Karina Magaña Curiel

None None Dr. Verónica Ron Urrea

Dr. Verónica Ron Urrea


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Centro Comercial Punto Sao Paulo, Valparaiso 2367 Int L J-5 Y J-6 Providencia 3a Secc C.P. 44630, Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico



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