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Dentim Europe

Located in Katowice, Poland

Dentim Europe is a high-quality and modern dental clinic in Poland. It offers services in general dentistry that includes advanced implantology, orthodontics, endodontics, and pediatric dentistry. It also provides services in cosmetic dentistry. The team consists of highly-qualified dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants who constantly update their knowledge and skills to provide top quality service. It is known as a premium dental travel destination.

Dentim Europe won Dobre Wnetrze Magazine's "Top Design Dental Surgery Clinics 2011" award for its facility. The facility has 6 dental surgery rooms, an X-Ray lab, and a medicine room. With 5 years experience serving international clients, Dentim Europe knows the primary concerns of international patients. Most patients travel to Poland for cosmetic dentistry or tooth restoration and keeping that in mind, Dentim Europe has created three special packages — overdenture package, dental implant package, and cosmetic makeover package. These packages map out the road map for the number and the length of visits necessary for a particular procedure, so international patients can create realistic plans for their dental travels. Packages cover anesthesia, x-rays, and airport transfer expenses. Also, the clinic's medical tourism coordinator can help you find accommodation in the same building as the clinic. Dentim Europe provides quality dental packages for international patients at affordable prices.

General Information


None None Dr. Piotr Lukojc

Dr. Piotr Lukojc

None None Dr. Michal Cichon

Dr. Michal Cichon

None None Dr. Kasia Lukasik-Faferko

Dr. Kasia Lukasik-Faferko

None None Dr. Anna Przybyla

Dr. Anna Przybyla

None None Dr. Victoria Adaszewska

Dr. Victoria Adaszewska

None None  Olivia Basek

Olivia Basek

None None  Anna Raab

Anna Raab


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Baildona 12/3 Katowice, Poland



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