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Dr. Ivan Strachan Bariatric Clinic

Open since 2008, the Dr. Ivan Strachan Bariatric Clinic is a modern facility for those who are interested in having bariatric surgery to help with weight loss. As you enter the spacious lobby of the clinic, you're greeted with comfortable seating and a friendly staff. Those who have difficulty walking can use the ramp that leads to the front door, and there is also a set of stairs with rails at the front of the building.

Exam rooms are located down a corridor so that each patient can have as much privacy as possible while talking to the doctor about surgery options and the procedure that will be completed. The clinic offers a post-surgery plan so that each patient has as much success as possible in the weight loss journey. Exam rooms are designed so that there is a comfortable table for patients to lay on as well as a large chair for a visitor to relax in while offering support for the patient. The clinic is located in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic with a bus station only seconds from the building.

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None None Dr. Ivan Strachan Kerankova,Dr. Dorian Felix,Dr. Gianna Ramos,Dr. Victor Zamboy

Dr. Ivan Strachan Kerankova,Dr. Dorian Felix,Dr. Gianna Ramos,Dr. Victor Zamboy


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Av. Pedro Henríquez Ureña 137, 10108 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic

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