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European Health Centre

Located in Otwock, Poland

Located just outside of Warsaw, European Health Centre Otwock offers world-class patient treatments and services in a calm and tranquil environment. EHC Otwock is renowned for specializing in both oncology and cardiac care. It is a top cancer research facility, and has partnered with Oxford University and other leading research institutions in cancer research trials. Since its founding in 2004, EHC Otwock has been recognized as the International Reference Center for Philips Diagnosis and Treatment, which allows doctors and medical staff the opportunity to stay up to date with leading medical technologies. Patients receiving care at EHC Otwock benefit from a comprehensive approach, combining medical research and the latest technology with sensitive and skilled nursing care, even psychological support through music therapy. With an award-winning medical team, and a reputation for collaborating internationally, patients requiring care can trust that their needs will be fulfilled at EHC Otwock. Its combination of traditional care with a modern edge makes it the premier medical center in Poland, and has given it worldwide renown. With many languages spoken, including English, Polish, German, and French, EHC Otwock is an ideal facility for those who may need medical attention while traveling abroad.

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None None Dr. Prof. Adrzej Borowka

Dr. Prof. Adrzej Borowka

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Dr. Prof. Adam Torbicki


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