Dr. Fabio Campo’s three decades of experience ensures that any visitor to Columbia’s lively capital of Bogota is in the safest of hands. This US-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon performs hair transplants in addition to various body and face surgeries, including liposuction, rhinoplasty, and butt lifts.

As a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, his patients can rest easy and allow him to provide a consultation on whatever area they need to improve or perfect. Offering free water and Wi-Fi, patients can keep in touch with their family and friends in comfort while Dr. Campo and his team complete facelifts or breast implants.

Well-known in his field in Colombia, men and women visiting from all countries over the globe have sought Dr. Campo for his cosmetic and reconstructive services. Whether planning a trip to seek cosmetic surgery or in need of a professional and skilled reconstructive surgeon while in Colombia, Dr. Fabio Campo is a prime destination for any patient.

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