Gangnam Severance Hospital

Gangnam Severance Hospital is an expansion project of the Yonsei University Medical Center opened in April of 1983. The hospital has since become the center of quality medical care in Korea. They embrace the founding philosophy of love, service and spirit of Christianity carried over from Yonsei University. This is shown through the comfortable and inviting atmosphere the facility creates for patients and their families. This includes their building annex that was specifically designed to minimize the amount of movement patients must endure to receive treatment. The annex houses their specialty facilities, including the cancer hospital, spinal hospital, dental hospital and their health promotion center.

Gangnam Severance Hospital boasts 810 beds and includes 45 separate medical divisions and institutes. This includes the specialty facilities housed in the annex, as well as the Rehabilitation Institute of Muscular Diseases and the Spine and Spinal Cord Institute. The hospital also offers an emergency care center, endocrinology and diabetes center, cerebrovascular center, and a cardiovascular center. They are also well equipped to handle emergency and trauma cases. The wide range of services, dedicated staff, and family friendly environment make this the go to place for all of your medical needs when you're visiting Korea.

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Weight Loss Surgery 

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  • Gastric Band Removal
  • Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
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