Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital

Located near the Medical University of Vienna at Lazarettgasse 16 - 18, the Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik is a private hospital dedicated primarily to women's health. The hospital has the largest private maternity department in Austria. In the nearly 100 years that the hospital has operated, more than 67,000 babies have been born there. Abut 1,300 births occur at Goldenes Kreuz annnually. Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik is widely known for its high-end medical treatments and its ability to attract top doctors to its staff.

Goldenes Kreuz is the first private hospital in Austria to house a certified breast clinic. All patients diagnosed with breast cancer in the European Union must receive treatment in a certified breast center to ensure the highest level of treatment. A multi-disciplinary approach to women suffering from endometriosis is available in the clinic's certified endometriosis center. State-of-the art equipment and a pleasant atmosphere awaits patients in the fertility clinic which tailors treatments to each couple wishing to conceive.

In addition to women's health issues, the clinic also offers general surgery, internal medicine, X-rays and imaging diagnostics, laboratory services, nutritional advice, an intensive care ward and an institute for physical medicine, which designs individualized physical therapy programs for patients.

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