Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Hadassah Medical Center offers patients a way to get the treatment that they desire for gastric bypass and other anti-aging desires. The center specializes in gastric bypass surgery and banding, each procedure decreasing the size of the stomach to make it easier to lose weight in a short period of time. Doctors walk with patients every step of the way to reach the goal weight.

The labor and delivery department of the hospital is also an area of specialization. Advanced emergency equipment is available on the floor in the event that something is wrong with the mother or the baby. In Vitro fertilization is a specialty of the medical center, giving parents hope when they think that hope is gone when it comes to getting pregnant. Fertility preservation is an option for those who deal with infertility. Prenatal courses are offered for expectant mothers, and natural childbirth is an option in the safe environment of the labor and delivery floor.

All treatments

Cardiovascular Procedures 

(13 procedures)


(53 procedures)
  • Root Canal Treatment - Anterior Tooth Inquire
  • Root Canal Treatment - Premolar Tooth Inquire

Lung Surgery 

(6 procedures)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Occupational Lung Diseases Inquire
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis Inquire

Plastic Surgery 

(94 procedures)
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