Located in Herzliya, Israel, the Herzliya Medical Center is one of the area's leading private hospitals offering signature VIP service. Each patient is given special personal assistance at every stage of care. The hospital provides services in a variety of specialties, including everything from diagnostic and preventive care in fields such as endocrinology, cardiology, and orthopedics, to treatment in its various inpatient and outpatient programs. The hospital boasts some of the premier specialists in all of the country, including Dr. Yanai Ben-Gal, one of Israel's most prominent heart surgeons, and Dr. Nir Peled, Israel's leading lung cancer specialist. All patients to the Herzliya Medical Center are given a personal case manager to help guide them through their diagnosis and treatment. International patients are welcomed at the hospital. The multilingual medical staff is fluent in 11 languages. Hospital personnel are able to help with visas, if necessary; will accompany the patient through each stage of care; and can provide medical reports in the patient's native language. The hospital's Air Evacuation service can evacuate the patient from any country and bring them to the hospital in Israel in the event of medical emergencies.


Prof. Zvi Cohen

None None Prof. Zvi Cohen

Prof. Shlomi Constantini

None None Prof. Shlomi Constantini

Prof. Shay Shabat

None None Prof. Shay Shabat

Prof. Pinhas Livne

None None Prof. Pinhas Livne

Prof. Nir Peled

None None Prof. Nir Peled

Prof. Meir Niska

None None Prof. Meir Niska

Prof. Louis Shenkman

None None Prof. Louis Shenkman

Prof. Joseph Lessing

None None Prof. Joseph Lessing

Prof. Joseph Klausner

None None Prof. Joseph Klausner

Prof. Gerald Freiser

None None Prof. Gerald Freiser

Prof. Eyal Fenig

None None Prof. Eyal Fenig

Prof. Dan Aravot

None None Prof. Dan Aravot

Prof. Arie Lindner

None None Prof. Arie Lindner

Prof. Aharon Solkes

None None Prof. Aharon Solkes

Dr. Zvi Lidar

None None Dr. Zvi Lidar

Dr. Zion Zibli

None None Dr. Zion Zibli

Dr. Steven Velkes

None None Dr. Steven Velkes

Dr. Shani Paluch-Shimon

None None Dr. Shani Paluch-Shimon

Dr. Ofer Gonen

None None Dr. Ofer Gonen

Dr. Naum Simanovsky

None None Dr. Naum Simanovsky
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