The ISAR Klinikum in Munich, Germany, is a 240-bed facility that opened its doors in 2008. It is located in the heart of the city, and committed to providing excellent care and superlative accommodations.

The clinic offers first class service with multi- media equipped rooms and an a-la-carte menu. Each hospital room, tastefully furnished and decorated, has a hotel- like ambiance. Private, or semi- private rooms (maximum 2 beds per room), and suites, are available. The rooms come with access to a terrace and a view of the city. As an additional accommodation, persons accompanying patients are permitted to stay overnight in the same room.

ISAR has an international office for its clientele from abroad. They offer an inpatient service package which includes chauffeur service from the airport, personal translators, as well as the translation of medical documents. Because of their experience with patients from around the globe, ISAR’s staff members are sensitive to the individual’s cultural and religious needs and expectations.

The clinic provides treatments in 12 different branches of medicine, including the fields of cardiology, vascular medicine, orthopedics, and urology.

ISAR is one of Germany’s top clinics, and has earned an outstanding reputation because of its medical excellence, high standards in care, and experienced staff.

All treatments

Cardiovascular Procedures 

(13 procedures)


(53 procedures)
  • Root Canal Treatment - Anterior Tooth Inquire
  • Root Canal Treatment - Premolar Tooth Inquire

Lung Surgery 

(6 procedures)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Occupational Lung Diseases Inquire
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis Inquire

Plastic Surgery 

(93 procedures)
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