IVI in Barcelona, Spain, offers the highest quality treatment in reproductive medicine. Over 5,000 couples from 80 countries come to IVI each year in order to receive the best care possible. Since its establishment, IVI has one of the best success rates per patient, with over 125,000 babies being born through the help of IVI. IVI is comprised of a highly qualified and skilled staff. They have received numerous prestigious awards that attest to their high quality of care in reproductive medicine. IVI has received seven awards from the American Society of Productive Medicine, a 2002 award from the Society for Gynaecological Investigation and the Ares Serono Research Award. In vitro fertilization and egg donation services are available at IVI. Both of these services have proven to have high success rates and are very safe for the patient. IVI utilizes other innovative techniques in their state-of-the-art facilities such as sperm micro injection and the Embryoscope, which they had a hand in developing. The Embryoscope allows expecting parents to see the formation of their baby in the earliest embryonic stages through high quality videos and photographs. IVI is one of the best clinics in the world for anyone seeking reproductive treatment.