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Located in Madrid, Spain

For more than 26 years, IVI- Madrid has been a leader in reproductive services and has assisted in the birth of over 125,000 babies. They pride themselves in their high success rates, and even offer a full refund to donors who do not find success within three cycles of IVI treatment. They have accumulated a 96 precent success rate with egg donation on the third attempt. Donations are completely anonymous and there is no waiting list, and the donors make up a carefully selected network of healthy and unique individuals. IVI takes great pride in its large scope of international patients, with over 5,000 patients a year coming from over 80 countries. The clinic has one of the best success rates per patient, with 9 out of 10 couples achieving their goal of becoming parents through their services. IVI is headed by a group of highly specialized professionals who have pioneered a multitude of innovative techniques in the fertility industry. Receiving fertility treatment in Madrid can be an especially memorable experience. Madrid is a lively international city with much to offer in ways of culture and history. The laid back atmosphere of Madrid will certainly help to put you at ease as you undergo your fertility treatment.

General Information


None None Dr. Juan Antonio García

Dr. Juan Antonio García

None None Dr. Jose Remohi MD

Dr. Jose Remohi MD

None None  PHD


None None Dr. Javier Santamaria Costa

Dr. Javier Santamaria Costa

None None Dr. Israel Ortega Sanchez

Dr. Israel Ortega Sanchez

None None  M.D


None None  Ph.D.


None None Dr. Carlos Simon

Dr. Carlos Simon

None None  PHD


None None Dr. Antonio Pellicer

Dr. Antonio Pellicer

None None  PHD


None None Dr. Alfredo Guillén

Dr. Alfredo Guillén

None None Dr. Agustin Ballesteros Boluda

Dr. Agustin Ballesteros Boluda

None None Dr. Antonio Requena MD

Dr. Antonio Requena MD


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Avenida del talgo, 68, 28023 Aravaca, Madrid



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