At Kaloni Hair Restoration, warm customer service teamed with innovating technology put this business ahead of its peers in Mexico City. In fact, the clinic's successful history, with more than nine thousand cases of success with treating baldness, allowed it to branch out to even more locations. The company is actively involved in the hair restoration community around the world, giving it a huge platform to both Mexican nationals and foreigners abroad. The clinic is renowned for housing global leaders in the field of hair restoration, and patients have come to expect and revel in the world-class treatment received here. Hair loss and restoration specialists at Kaloni are dedicated to exceeding their patients' expectations and improving their overall quality of life by constantly setting the bar high, using the latest technology, techniques, and cutting-edge products. In fact, Kaloni has the honor and distinction of being recognized for developing and refining its own exclusive technique, called Hair Micrografting (or the 'Kaloni Technique'). In addition to treating baldness, the staff are trained in performing eyebrow, mustache, and beard procedure, as well, further highlight Kaloni's dedication to patient satisfaction.

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