Kameda Medical Center is one of the oldest and largest hospitals in Japan. It is Japan's only hospital that has been fully accredited by the Joint Commission International, which means it meets all the requirements and standards for international health care facilities. They specialize in cardiology, oncology, and spine surgery. The entire Kameda General Hospital includes 925 beds, 460 full-time doctors, several intensive care units, and a 24-hour heliport. Spanning 237,000 square feet, the outpatient clinic includes a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center and receives visits from more than 3,000 patients every day. Kameda Medical Center's goal is to be open, honest, and transparent with all of their patients. Patients are always important decision-makers in their health care cases, and all the doctors treat their patients with respect. The entire medical center treats more than a million patients every year, and many of these patients travel from other countries to receive treatment.

All treatments

Cardiovascular Procedures 

(13 procedures)

Lung Surgery 

(6 procedures)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Occupational Lung Diseases Inquire
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis Inquire

Plastic Surgery 

(94 procedures)
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