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Lifeline Hospital

Offering services in all medical fields, Lifeline Hospital is located in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Notice the modern design of the exterior of the building as well as the spacious rooms and lobby that greet you when you arrive. There are 50 beds in the hospital, each with beds that feature soft mattresses and all of the equipment needed to provide the medical services that you need while recovering from surgery or an illness.

You'll be cared for by staff who are highly trained in what they do and who care about the patients they treat. The caring environment of the entire hospital is what makes this one of the primary options for those who are seeking emergency treatment, those who are looking for a labor and delivery ward and those who have an upcoming surgery so that they know that they are in the hands of professional doctors and nurses.

General Information


None None Dr. Suresh Menon

Dr. Suresh Menon

None None Dr. Sami Alhashimi

Dr. Sami Alhashimi

None None Dr. Ravinder Verma

Dr. Ravinder Verma

None None Dr. Salil Vengsarkar

Dr. Salil Vengsarkar

None None Dr. Venkat Phaniraj

Dr. Venkat Phaniraj

None None Dr. Vineeta Mohindra

Dr. Vineeta Mohindra

None None Dr. Ankur

Dr. Ankur

None None Dr. Sumeet Singh Sukhi

Dr. Sumeet Singh Sukhi

None None Dr. Farzin Mirzaeeyan

Dr. Farzin Mirzaeeyan

None None Dr. Hillol Kanti Pal

Dr. Hillol Kanti Pal


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6th Interchange (Exit 25), Adjacent to The Gardens, Near IBN Battuta Mall, Next to Jebel Ali Primary School, P.O. Box: 49866 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates

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